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Incorporate an LLP with the Trade Mark Registration, Open an LLP with the UK Trademark Registration from £99.00!

Getting it right - the incorporation an LLP with the trade mark registration!

LLP Formation With Trade Mark Registration

Getting it right - the incorporation an LLP with the trade mark registration: if your application for a trademark is rejected, you will lose the registration fee, so it is important to get it right. Coddan Ltd has a wealth of experience in this area and work with you through the process to secure a successful application. Once registered, you can protect your LLP, products and services from imitators. Where your trademark is infringed, such as in the case of counterfeit goods, you can take legal action.

A trademark is also an excellent business tool, providing a recognisable brand around which you can build your limited liability partnership's reputation and develop customer loyalty. Together with Coddan Ltd, you can incorporate your LLP on sound foundations.

With us, you can register an LLP in Scotland with the UK protected trademark, you can also establish an LLP in Northern Ireland with the trade registered mark, we can establish an LLP in London with the further trademark registration, or, if you need to incorporate an LLP in Liverpool with the trademark registration, or setting up an LLP in Manchester with a UK trade mark registration, we can also help with your needs.