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Incorporate an LLP with the Trade Mark Registration, Open an LLP with the UK Trademark Registration from £99.00!

Setting Up an LLP With the UK Trade Mark Registration

Setting Up LLP

Setting up an LLP with the UK trade mark registration: what is a trademark? One such area that is often overlooked is that of trademark registration. A trademark is vital for your business. It protects your identity, differentiates you from competitors and adds value to your products and services. It is also vital in helping your customers find and identify you, building a relationship with your brand.

Simply put, a trademark is a sign that allows customers to identify your goods and services in the marketplace and distinguish them from those of your competitors. Many people refer to this as their "brand". Your trademark can be a form of words, a logo, or, very commonly, a combination of both. If you are looking for setting up an LLP with the trade mark registration, we can help!