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The trademark registration and LLP establishment: when you are incorporating your LLP, there are a number of structures to consider. In the UK, the four main types of company are limited liability partnership (LLP), limited liability company (LLC), limited company (LTD) and public limited company (PLC). Some individuals also set up as a sole trader.

Deciding on which company structure is right for you is an important decision and one that should be taken with care. Working with an experienced LLP incorporation expert like Coddan is a sensible step. Over the last 30 years, we have helped to incorporate more than 200,000 LLPs, giving us a valuable depth of experience. We can help you to incorporate a limited liability partnership in London, or in register an LLP in Liverpool, establish an LLP in Manchester, or even in incorporate an LLP in Scotland and establish an LLP in Northern Ireland, please contact us for further information or visit the relevant weblink.

The benefits of an LLP: a limited liability partnership gives the benefits of limited liability as enjoyed by limited companies but is flexible in allowing members to organise themselves as a traditional partnership. There can also be tax benefits and some entrepreneurs are attracted by the absence of any requirement to hold board or general meetings.

The limited liability partnership is a popular structure for the small group of self-employees. Many such partnerships trade on the quality of their services and it is therefore vital that they can distinguish them from those of their competitors. This makes trademark registration an important factor in the LLP incorporation procedures.

The importance of a trademark: a trademark is simply a sign that allows your customers to identify your limited liability partnership and its goods and services in the marketplace. Many people often refer to it as their brand. This trademark can be a logo, a form of words or a combination of both.

There is considerable regulation involved in the registration of trademarks. Interestingly, they may not describe your products or any characteristics of them. Your trademark must be distinctive and not customary in your line of work. They cannot be 3D objects.