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Open a Limited Liability Partnership With Us

Why to register a limited liability partnership with Coddan

Register LLP With Coddan

Personal service - Coddan retained the high quality advisors who are extremely knowledgeable and true professionals in both of UK and offshore legal LLP incorporation structures and tax law aspects. Coddan's LLP formation advisers can provide customers with free and confidential advice about LLP registration requirements, and information on starting up a business as a limited liability partnership in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales; and in the also in Delaware, New York and in other foreign countries, please call us to discuss the further options which may be relevant to your business.

The main reasons to register a limited liability partnership (LLP) with us: -

  • We have the professional knowledge and qualifications
  • We have the experience
  • We have been in the business for over 20 years and we intend to stay for much longer
  • We work in a confidential manner
  • We are multilingual
  • We offer a personal approach that is custom-designed to your requirements
  • We are committed to our clients
  • We are committed to providing high quality service
  • We take our compliance and legal obligations seriously
  • We respond very promptly to all enquirers and problems
  • As processing your personal data, we are regulated by the Data Protection Act
  • We do not disclosure your personal data to any third party
  • Coddan is a fully fledged, innovative firm located in London, and governed by the English law
  • We comply with Companies House and HMRC regulations
  • Our chartered certified accountants, business advisors, and tax-planning specialists are regulated by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
  • We are committed to helping you achieve your objectives
  • Our main office building is located in central London on 120 Baker Street
  • We will see you, for free for an initial half hour meeting at our office

In addition, we can cover, inter alia, the following matters: -

  • Administration of UK LLPs
  • Agency and distribution agreements
  • LLPs acquisitions and sales
  • LLPs and other business entities formations
  • Company schemes
  • Contracts for supply
  • Members' responsibilities and duties
  • Employment
  • IT Contracts (software licenses, maintenance agreements, etc.)
  • LLP licensing agreements
  • LLP members' agreements
  • LLP dissolution, LLP winding-up and liquidation
  • LLP pension schemes
  • Re-organisation, re-structuring of partnerships
  • Data protection issues

Our experience in limited liability partnership start-up

Forming LLP in UK

We can guarantee accurate, confidential, personalised, and reliable LLP formation services at highly competitive prices; we are a customer-oriented company, we value our consumers and offer comprehensive limited liability partnership formation services to every one of them. We are fully aware of our client's needs and desires and try to make the process of our teamwork as comfortable as possible.

Our business incorporation advisors are able to offer LLP starting up services to individuals and companies that are doing business through or in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Republic of Ireland, or even re-collating to the United Kingdom. Our business starting up consultants can assist in all steps of doing business by registering a UK limited liability partnership: selecting the appropriate legal structure, which really suits your corporate needs.

We can establish a limited liability partnership within a few hours; we may help you with the opening of the corporate bank account with one of the major UK or EU banks. This is exactly what you will get if you choose to register a limited liability partnership with Coddan. We are the real company, not a dot.co.uk or a home based or a bargain-basement internet company. Our business incorporation knowledge base and experience with thousands of registered LLPs has shown us that many new business owners want the fastest and easiest route to get their new LLP started.

As you endeavour to manage the growth and overall success of your business, you will want to have a team of business advisers with the focus on providing advice from LLP start-ups to mature business issues to clients throughout the region. Coddan provides clients with continuing business advisory services and has specialists who understand the pressures facing small businesses. Experienced business consultants ensure UK and foreign clients get practical and adventitious advice with regard to the LLP formation, creation of the limited partnerships, and establishment of the UK trusts.

Coddan' team supplies a wide variety of hands on business help that is personalised to your requirements and extremely useful. Our services are earmarked to meet the needs of UK and overseas business entrepreneurs, with a solid reputation in delivering bespoke solutions to small and medium-size businesses there is no better team of advisers to have on your side.

Our business formation organisation specialises in the intricate field of limited liability partnership's starting up, incorporation of business LLP structures and their management in Europe and eighteen offshore countries.

Furthermore, our consultants are competent to advice how to select the best type of business structure for incorporation, and register your general trading, subsidiary or holding company. Our advisors, lawyers and accountants are the best in their field, carefully selected for their professional ability, reliability, and integrity. Therefore, there is no need for you to spend hour after hour mastering the main regulating law, scaling bulk of paperwork or trying to recruit people that you can trust - we have already done that for you!

Coddan is a professional LLP incorporation provider, which has been servicing the UK and international community with a diverse range of top quality of domestic and offshore corporate structures incorporation and management services for many years.

We incorporate companies, partnerships, joint-venture entities throughout the UK, Ireland, United States of America. We provide the first-rate business support services (corporate and private bank accounts, business and tax planning, reviewing and updating LLP' constitutional documents, preparation minutes of meetings and directors or/and members resolutions, etc.).

We do not hide any LLP formation fees from our consumers, because price transparency is essential to us. Our service' fees and business filings fees are provided to our customers upfront. Our online filing makes the ordering and incorporating LLP processes easy and convenient, Coddan is an industry leader in online business LLP incorporation and documents processing.

With our passion for service and client success, we strive to make Coddan the preferred choice of the small business start-up and new limited liability partnership formation facilities market. We are able to offer a full range of LLP formation services to business starters or existent business owners; we can undertake most types of corporate management related work.

Call us and speak with one of our knowledgeable advisor. There is no cost or obligation, let us help you to start a new business. We will be pleased to discuss your plans, requirements and suggestions, and to help you understand how the incorporation process works.

Developing Your LLP Business

Developing Your LLP Business

Once the LLP agrees a contract, it can be of great benefit to both sides to develop as good a business relation as possible. Investing time and effort in this, with regular formal and informal meetings, and a proactive attitude to developing the work can be greatly advantageous to both sides. Working with organisations in the independent sector often entails negotiating directly with their senior management, who may adopt a more commercial approach to service development.

Professionals answer our phone lines during business hours, not an answering machine. We appreciate the value of your time and understand that the real person cannot be replaced by a contemporary technology. This is especially true when it comes to make an important business decision and where interaction and multiple views are essential.

When you call to request an appointment with our advisors, the receptionist will ask you series of questions to qualify the appointment. We are continually enhancing our services to better assist our clients and meet their needs.