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Benefits to Use Nominee Members Upon an LLP Creation

Benefits to use nominee members upon an LLP creation

LLP Start-Up With Nominees

Benefits to use nominee members upon an LLP creation: when Coddan helps clients to form a limited liability partnership in the with nominees, the team aims to work through this LLP registration process as painlessly and quickly as possible. As the LLP statue package allows for the provision of two offshore designated members it is ideal for those clients who need to maintain entity anonymity.

As well as this the LLP start-up with nominees online includes our registered office address service in London, a general power of attorney, the certificate of the beneficiary owner, plus the preparation and filing of the annual return at the end of the year. Many aspects of the LLP start up procedure can be met as they arise or they can be planned for in advance. However, others are harder to anticipate. For those preferring to order an LLP creation by phone, via email, or at our office, please call for an initial, no obligation discussion on +44 (0) 207 935 5171, or 0330 808 0089.

LLP startup with nominees, who is it for? The LLP formation package is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, who wish to appoint offshore nominee members to maintain anonymity. This recognises the growing need for offshore- based nominee members with the knowledge of both UK and international tax planning principles and laws. The provision of this nominee members' service has an important part to play in privacy protection.

Register an LLP with nominees, what do you get? Your new LLP will be registered from scratch using one of Coddan's own registered-office addresses in London. We will then appoint our own offshore-registered companies as nominee members.

On registration, these details will be recorded with the public record as the original details of your LLP. Included in the price of the LLP start up package are the government fee for incorporation and the first year's fees for providing a registered office address and the nominee members.

The documents we will be sending you by email upon formation of your LLP partnership are: -

1. The partnership agreement
2. A certificate of registration
3. The minutes of the meeting of the board of members
4. The appropriate membership certificates
5. The LLP's registers.

For an extra cost the documents you will be sent in the post on your LLP's formation will be: -

1. The laminated certificate of registration on a special grade of ivory paper
2. A quality bound copy of the partnership agreement
3. Hard bound copies of the LLP's registers and minutes of the first board of members meeting
4. Two membership certificates printed on special security design paper
5. A signed power of attorney and undated resignation letter from the UK nominee members
6. The nominee service provision agreement.

In addition Coddan will: -

1. Provide a registered address in London for one year
2. Furnish two offshore nominee members for one year
3. Forward government letters overseas (including mail scanning) for one year
4. Monitor changes in membership ownership of the LLP
5. Ensure the partnership files all statutory information promptly
6. Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment, taking appropriate action where necessary
7. Develop and oversee the systems to ensure the LLP complies with all applicable codes as well as its legal and statutory requirements.

For an extra cost the LLP creation package can be upgraded with: -

1. The partnership pliers seal or rubber stamp
2. The certificate of good standing or certificate of incumbency
3. Apostilled or certified corporate documents by the foreign embassy and/or by the Chamber of Commerce.

In case you require more detailed information about the benefits to use nominee members upon an LLP formation, management and organisational development, or any of the additional services available, please contact +44 (0) 207 935 5171 and speak with one of our consultants, who are experts in LLP registration, as well as management and annual compliance requirements.

The formation of an LLP can take between four and six hours from the time Coddan receives your application and payment. If you place an order before 11am (London time) on a normal working day, your partnership will be registered by the end of that day. Although the majority of LLPs are incorporated within a maximum of 24 hours, there may be occasions where the process takes longer due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please note that, although your LLP will generally be registered in less than six hours, the delivery of your partnership's documents usually takes a little longer.

If you order a registered office address, or nominee members from Coddan, we are required to ask for scanned identification of an LLP members and beneficial owners of all newly registered companies via email before we can provide incorporation services for your limited liability partnership.

Within 14 days we need you to post us recent utility bills for the past three months, showing names and current addresses of your LLP's members and any beneficial owners, and also their passports or driving licences. These documents can be originals or copies certified by a notary public, solicitor, or commissioner for oaths.