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LLP Formation with Nominee Members, Register an LLP with Nominee Partners from £479.99!

Establish an LLP With UK Nominee Members

Form an LLP With Nominee Members

Establish an LLP with UK nominee members: establishing a limited liability partnership (LLP) with nominee members is beneficial to those who wish to protect their anonymity, because their names will not appear on official documentation. Two candidates are required for the establishment of an LLP, as designated members; but for people who prefer LLP registration with nominees, Coddan can do just that.

Setting up an LLP with nominee members is straightforward and swift at Coddan, and we have a range of LLP formation packages to suit individual needs. When the registration process is complete, you will receive all of the official documentation.

Additionally, for people who want added anonymity using LLP startup with nominees, we can provide an official registration address. This means that the LLP is not officially listed at where the business is carried out but at one of our prestige business address around the country, in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh or Belfast.

Using our registered address means you don't have to worry about official inspections of your premises or creditors suddenly turning up demanding payments, and all mail sent to the business address by the authorities, such as Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs, will be forwarded on to you.

You can create an LLP with a nominee member any time you want, and as part of Coddan's nominee LLP establishment package we ensure that the LLP is fully compliant with the law at all times. We will file all the relevant paperwork with Companies House. There are several benefits of forming an LLP, whether with nominees or not. They include the capital requirement, because there is no minimum and the LLP members decide themselves what it should be.

Parties to an LLP can also reap significant tax advantages as the LLP is subject to the reduced corporate tax rate. This is because it's the members themselves, and not the LLP, that are taxed. In the event of debts arising out of the LLP's operation, the members are not explicitly liable; rather, it's the business entity itself.

This is important in ensuring that individually held assets are not at risk of seizure by the authorities in order to clear the debts. At Coddan, we can get you set up as an LLP today with our own members, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of this partnership structure while protecting your anonymity. Talk to our expert consultants for in-depth advice and guidance.

Two nominee designated members for an LLP establishment: the first option £350.00

Incorporate LLP With Nominees

If you are looking for a tailor-made LLP incorporation, you can complete our fourth option, if you are a UK resident, and there we have three nominee members appointment options. If you are not UK based customer, please check our options for international customers on top of this page.

With the first LLP formation package we will provide two UK corporate nominee members for your LLP, we also provide you with a power of attorney empowering you to run the business, and manage the LLP's activities, and you will take the full legal and financial responsibility for the running of the LLP.

This UK LLP starting up package also includes a pre-signed, undated letter of resignation from the nominee members. With the first option, we will provide the following service: -

  • Maintaining the statutory registers;
  • Keeping, or arranging for the keeping, of copies of all resolutions of members passed otherwise than at general meetings, minutes of all proceedings and general meetings;
  • Monitoring changes in ownership of the LLP;
  • Ensuring that the LLP files statutory information promptly;
  • Ensuring that people entitled to do so can inspect LLP records;
  • Monitoring changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment and taking appropriate action;
  • Developing and overseeing the systems that ensure that the LLP complies with all applicable codes as well as its legal and statutory requirements.
Appointment of Nominee Partners

Appointment of nominee partners

We do not offer appointment of nominee members as a separate option to an LLP formation. If you are a resident of the UK, you can appoint nominee partners by selecting our fourth option of LLP registration for UK customers. If you are not resident of the UK, our options for international customers include the appointment of the nominee members, please read and select the relevant LLP registration package.

An additional charge of £35.00 will apply for the each transaction or entry made in a statutory register, and £50.00 will apply for each nominee signatures with a seal. An additional charge of £25.00 will apply for preparation of a letter to your bank and we are charging £12.00 for the nominee signature with a seal.

Should you request it; other management work will be charged out at between £100.00 and £220.00 per hour depending on the nature of the work. if you want to discuss additional questions about the establishment an LLP with UK nominee members, please call us.