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Further Advantages of Using Nominee Partners

Further advantages of using LLP nominee members

Starting an LLP With Nominee Partners

Further advantages of using nominee members: when a limited liability partnership is registered with Companies House, the names of the members are submitted and made a matter of public record. At Coddan we understand that sometimes your business interests have to be kept quiet and confidential, whether for commercial or personal reasons.

In circumstances where you want to open an LLP, but you wish to remain anonymous, Coddan is able to supply you with a nominee members to be a named, designated member in your stead. This nominee member will own the membership of your partnership on your behalf, but they will not be involved in the running of your business apart from signing documents as required.

Their signatures can be notarised or apostilled as needed, and for an additional fee, they are able to travel to a foreign country to sign documents if needed.

All benefits will go to the people who appointed the nominee members, and a declaration of trust will be signed to this effect. Additionally, an undated-but-signed membership transfer form is provided so that you, the beneficiary, can bring about your own membership at any time that you require.

Designated nominee members: a limited liability partnership must have two or more members; however, there is no limit on the number of members allowed. Designated members are listed on the Companies House records, and have a number of responsibilities for which they are accountable.

These include the appointment of an auditor, the signing of accounts on behalf of the members, notifying the registrar of membership changes or other changes, and preparing, signing and submitting the annual return.

There are many perfectly valid reasons why business-people may wish to remain anonymous while they register a new LLP. Because Coddan understands this, we have structured several LLP start-up packages that allow you to take advantage of our nominee members provision. If you have more questions about the further advantages of using nominee partners, simply drop us an e-mail, or give us a call.