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When LLP nominee members can not protect the interests of the real owners?

Setting Up an LLP With Nominees

When LLP nominee members can not protect the interests of the real owners? When criminal activity has occurred or is about to occur within an LLP, a nominee LLP member will not honour the decisions being made by the real owner. They will instead act against the wishes of the real owner and disclose their name and interests. A nominee member will not tolerate any sort of illegal business activity, because doing so would implicate them and jeopardise the integrity of other members of the LLP. In addition to the simple verdict of guilty not guilty you should address your question to someone else, not to us.

How to operate legally: in order to avoid criminality of any kind it is necessary for all real limited liability partnership owners to operate according to UK law. This can be difficult if you are not resident in the UK and your business is based overseas. However, our LLP formation agent, Coddan Ltd, is experienced in helping UK and non-UK firms observe business best practises in a wholly legal manner.

We are a respected e-filing associate of Companies House, who can help you with every aspect of running your business smoothly, from the registration to your annual accounting obligations. Don't allow yourself to be named and shamed. Keep hold of your market advantage, protected identity and nominee member.

To make absolutely sure that your name is prevented from being publicly disclosed, why not use one of our nominee members? The Coddan Ltd team are trained to help your business avoid the courtroom. Our registration process ensures a smooth LLP startup.

We will make certain that the LLP name you have chosen is unlikely to cause trouble and instruct you as to how your accounts should be filed correctly. Please get in touch to find out more about us.