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Tips How to Use an LLP in Business, Uses of an LLP in Business by UK Entrepreneurs

What business sectors are suitable for an LLP (limited liability partnership)?

Using of a UK LLP in Business

What business sectors are suitable for an LLP (limited liability partnership)? A limited liability partnership can, when used well, offer a number of advantages over traditional limited companies. So if you want to know how you can use a limited liability partnership, or what an LLP can do for you, contact Coddan Ltd today. The limited liabilities partnership Act came into force in 2001 and was aimed at worldwide partnerships like legal practices, in situations where the alliance served them well but one country could not be fully aware of the actions of a partner in another state and jurisdiction. Now it has been adopted by investment funds, property investors, not-for-profit companies wanting to exploit commercial ties and silent partners looking to limit their exposure.

You can use an LLP can buy property, obtain a credit rating, obtain finance and all manner of things a traditional entity can do. However, if it is wound up then the member's liability is limited to their initial capital investment. Foreign clients can also use a UK LLP to carry out all their business before withdrawing profits to a tax friendly regime and avoid personal income tax.

Lots of business incorporation advisers (but Coddan is not one of them) suggest that the UK LLP business incorporation is for big clients, in specific professions, and they are not for everyone. However, this is not strictly true, and LLPs can be a worthwhile structure for a whole host of different industries. Open your mind with a few examples described in the further articles: -