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Starting Small Businesses Using an LLP

Start a cake, coffee or tourist guide business - starting small businesses using an LLP

How to Use of a UK LLP in Business

Start a cake business - starting the cake maker business using an LLP: Emma started off making cakes at home and selling them to friends and family for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. Suddenly, Emma had a glut of orders on her hands from the wider community, who also started to ask about contacts for buffets and catering services. One of Emma's neighbors happened to be a party caterer and so the pair began to work together on various events. The pair eventually brought in a party planner too, who dealt with decorations and entertainment.

At the beginning, all three of these people were running self-employed businesses. However, through speaking to an LLP business start-up expert they found that they were much better able to cooperate with one another and offer a better service to their customers by combining their talents to provide the full party experience. They decided to use an LLP, and registered a limited liability partnership & now operate as a business friends team, allowing them to compete much more effectively against other similar businesses, who only offer a fraction of the services.

Think about how many people want the whole service as opposed to just a cake. Ask yourself whether this could apply in your particular business sector, and maybe using an LLP incorporation could be the best decision for you.

Important Information for Overseas Customers

Important information for overseas customers

This section is been written especially for the British and EU clients, who are looking to incorporate a business, and searching for the most suitable structure for their business incorporation. If you are locating outside of the UK or European Union, we have another separate section about the uses of a LLPs by foreign clients. If you are non-UK customer, you should check another relevant section about the uses of an LLP by foreign consumers. By reading this information and if you will have further questions or points at issues, please call us to clarify your enquiry.

This is just one example of a relatively simple, and certainly not unusual business company, but it is applicable in a variety of circumstances. Another example is the professional black coffee trader who meets a second trader in English tea, and another with the South American tea. Doesn't it make sense to run business together as an LLP to offer services to cafes and supermarkets as one enterprise? It makes trading more convenient for those accessing the services, and for members of the LLP too.

Your LLP can operate locally or internationally, allowing you to achieve certain benefits at any level. Another example of how you may use an LLP for your business is as follows... you are working as a private tourist guide in London, your friend is doing the same business in France, and you know of a third person doing the same in Italy.

If you will cooperate as an LLP you may offer your clients many different services across several different EU countries – ideal for globe-trotters looking for the business they can trust.