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Trade-Mark Registration Advantages, Benefits to Register a Trade-Mark in the UK, USA, EU, and Republic of Ireland

Trademark and logo registration benefits: for the best trademark and logo registration services, Coddan has the experience and expertise you need, and at the best prices. We'll handle your trade mark registration in a timely and professional manner to make sure it's done right and your limited company is protected. Registering a trademark is one of the most fundamental ways for a company or a limited liability partnership to secure its intellectual property and prevent others from using its logo, slogans or other material that only identifies the company and its products or services.
Benefits to register a trade mark: the process of registering a trademark and logo can be a lengthy one, so it's important to get it right at the outset. You don't want the Intellectual Property Office, which deals with all trademark registration in the United Kingdom, coming back after several months and saying your application has been unsuccessful. That's why here at Coddan, at the outset of the company formation, trade-mark registration process we carry out an extensive search of the trademarks register to determine if a proposed logo or other such trademark is already in use. If it is, a new trademark will have to be designed, and checked, before the application can go ahead.

Trade-Mark Registration Benefits

Advised Information:

  • Register a trade-mark online
  • Fast trade-mark registration
  • Cheap trade-mark registration
Trade-Mark Registration Advantages

Implied Information:

  • Trade-mark registration 24/7
  • Authorised registered agent
  • Complete trade-mark registration



UK trade-mark registration achieved by lodging a formal application with the United Kingdom Patent Office.

With this UK trade-mark registration package we will provide the following services:

    • Search existing registered trade marks with IPO office; filing a UK trademark application for one class of goods or services;
    • The opportunity to register a trademark or logo in additional classes; liaising with the IPO office on your behalf;
    • The certificate of trademark registration will be send by post.



EU trade-mark registration using the community trademark application to protect a logo or a trademark within the European Union.

With this EU trade-mark registration package we will provide the following services:

  • Search existing registered trade marks with OHIM office; filing a EU trademark application for one class of goods or services;
  • The opportunity to register a trademark or logo in additional classes; liaising with the OHIM office on your behalf;
  • The certificate of trademark registration will be send by post.



Trade-mark registration in USA achieved by lodging a formal application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

With this USA trade-mark registration package we will provide the following services:

  • Search existing registered trademarks with USPTO trademark office; filing a U.S. trademark application for one class of goods or services;
  • The opportunity to register a trademark or logo in additional classes; acting with the USPTO office on your behalf;
  • The certificate of trademark registration will be send by post.



This is one of our very popular company formation packages, which comes with the UK trade-mark and/or logo registration & registered office address in London.

With this company & trade-mark registration package we will provide the following:

  • The certificate of incorporation, the memorandum & articles of association;
  • The registered office address in London & secretarial compliance service; filing a UK trademark application for one class;
  • The certificate of trademark registration will be send by post.

Register a Trade Mark, Register a Trademark Online, Fast Trademark Registration

Trademark registration advantages: at Coddan, we make life simpler for all our clients, and that includes those wishing to register a trademark and logo. All you have to do is fill in our online application form, and leave the rest to us. A trademark undergoes several levels of scrutiny at the Intellectual Property Office, including being published in the weekly Trade Marks Journal for others to view it, and raise any reasonable objections. If there are no objections from other companies, the office will approve the trademark in around three months and then it will be yours and protected under law for 10 years, after which time it can be renewed.

Trademark protection service: to prove the trademark is yours, you will be issued with an official certificate, and you can use this in cases of disputes, if someone is either copying your trademark or your products or services. It's essential to have this protection in business, to safeguard your operations. Trying to prove a trademark is yours when it hasn't been registered is a difficult and costly endeavor. Contact us today to find out more about how you can get your trademark and logo registered.

Trademark, Logo and Intellectual Property Registration Advantages, Protecting Your Trademark, Register Your Logo

Benefits of Registering Your Trademark

Logo and trademark registration services: vy registering trademarks, Coddan offer a service that is vital to a company successfully advertising their product or brand. Do you know why? Because if you have a company logo or "mark" that is not registered as a trademark, you risk all the benefits of your hard work being stolen, and there will be nothing you can do about it. Registering your trademark with Coddan means that only you have the legal right to use that specific marking. If anyone else attempts to ride on the back of your successful branding and promotion of the product and mark, you have the ability to take legal action. Trademarks are incredibly influential in the buying process of consumers. We, as consumers, place so much trust in seeing a particular marking on a product or service. If you need an assistance with a trade mark registration services in the UK, EU, USA, etc., you can also speak to our business advisors between 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday by telephoning + (0) 207.935.5171 or + (0) 330.808.0089 (national rates).

Register a Trade Mark: Why Trademark Registration is Important

Why Trademark Registration is Important

Why the trademark registration is important? The main reason why you should register your trademark is quite obvious – if you don't then others can use it without your permission. After years of building a client base, it would be tragic to have your reputation blemished by rival and rogue businesses acting in such a way, but it does happen.

Registering your trademark with the UK patents office is the way to prevent others using the same or similar logos and hijacking your success. Worse than that, they could register the trademark as their own, leaving you in the lurch when you want to advertise or expand. Only by registering your trademark will you have the right to take legal action against any organisations or individuals that are copying your logos and slogans.

Building your brand awareness: good trademarks carry a value. You only have to look at how third party companies such as clothing manufacturers strike deals with big multi-nationals like Coca Cola for use of their logos on t-shirts, to see that trademarks in themselves can be big business. Because your logo itself could be valuable, it is important to ensure that it cannot be easily copied by those that are not offering your firm any kind of recommence.

Avoid unnecessary name and logo changes: your business name and logo should be yours alone and if you've built up a good standing in your sector, you should want to avoid difficult and expensive changes. Marketing your firm has likely cost a significant sum already and do you really want to have rebuild everything from scratch again just because you failed to complete the requirements of the trade mark registration?

Trademark registration is very cost effective: understandably, one of the key reasons many small businesses fail to register their trademark is because they are worried about the cost. If the firm is relatively new, it will naturally be putting its resources into advertising and equipment, but trademark registration isn't something which should be delayed for too long and it really doesn't cost that much. Indeed, the price of registering a trademark with the UK patents office is actually lower than it was two decades ago. We can help with the trade marks and logos registration in the UK, EU, USA, and many other offshore countries.

If you are looking to register a trademark for your business, then Coddan Ltd can help. We can assist you in making a formal application and can also help with trademark searches in the UK, Republic of Ireland, in EU, USA, China, Hong Kong, BVI etc., which are important as they help to establish whether or not your trademark infringes any existing copyrights. The trade mark registration process is more complex than many believe, but our team can take you through all of the requirements and ensure that your trade mark and/or logo registration is completed promptly and your brand is protected.

Trade Mark Registration: Why Register a Trademark?

Why Register a Trademark?

Why register a trademark? Protecting the look or face of your business is one of the most vital investments you can make for your company or a partnership. This might be a phrase, logo, symbol or word, but if it's a representation of your firm it must be secured. For this reason registering a trademark officially is a crucial step.

Deciding against registering a trademark could impact your business negatively in many ways. There is a chance another firm might have a very similar or the same symbol, name or slogan. When this happens and a different company has registered the details, aside from just losing your name, for example, you might also have to pay damages for using a registered trademark.

Sadly a lot of companies have this problem and further issues arise when you don't possess a brand that is registered. It's possible that you may need to change the name of your firm, have your logo re-designed or come up with a new slogan. Those involved with your business including your clients, customers, affiliates and vendors would be very confused by these alterations.

This would also provide a great expense in printing new advertising material and getting a new brand seen by the general public.

When you register a trademark it protects your company from losing its image. This prevents many other negative scenarios that can occur to businesses that haven't safeguarded their business name. It is far more likely your customers and clients will be consistent if you have your trademark registered. This will protect the brand of your business, ensuring competitors are unable to copy your logos.

When you register a trademark this gives your business and also yourself, as the firm owner, a few types of protection. Legal action is easily applied against anyone caught using logo without your permission. Should counterfeiters be using your trademark Trading Standards Officers are able to bring charges against them. Also as the owner of the brand you can sell or franchise it to allow others to use your company name.

Sadly a lot of companies neglect to have a trademark because of the hassle it can take to register a business. Thankfully Coddan are able to help firms through this lengthy process, ensuring the necessary work is completed so your business is kept secure. This will save you long hours as well as money.

Trade Mark Registration: Why Register Your Logo?

Why Register Your Logo?

Why register your logo? The identification of a business is everything to build up a strong client base. A strong logo can be vital in getting that recognition from your target audience without having to put your name out there. The Nike branded "tick" and the Ralph Lauren "pony" are just two examples of where a strong logo can really build up the brand of a company and sell a concept to the consumer. It's not only about selling your product either, the NHS and HMRC both have recognisable brands for the public to associate with. So why should you register your logo?

Copyright: a lot of time, effort and money can go in to creating a logo that represents your company. So how would you feel if someone took that logo and integrated it into their brand? Until your logo is a registered trademark other companies are able to use it however they wish, whether this is to piggy back on the brand, or because they like the logo and don't want to design their own. If your logo is a registered trademark this gives you the power to take further action against those seen to be using your brand. This also protects you from those using your logo and damaging your brand and in turn, your business.

Strong marketing: when a company builds up its brand to be trusted by the consumer branching out in to other industries and specialisms becomes much easier. Large supermarkets have become the market leader in many other fields, not just groceries. From insurance to credit cards, companies are able to manoeuvre their brand and sell a product. Without a registered trademark you may find that, legally, you are unable to expand your business. Your brand may also be used in another sector unknowingly by another business; your rights in getting the other company to change their logo are non-existent without a trademark, restricting what you can do in another sector.

An investment for the future? A registered trademark gives future investors confidence too. A strong brand is something that people will feel confident putting their money in to. Franchising is also another way companies can make money from their brand - something that won't be possible to do without a registered trademark.

Therefore it is vital that your company is protected with a trademark both in countries it operates in and perhaps countries it may operate in the future. This will ensure that at all times your company is protected from people piggy backing the brand and potentially ruining the reputation you have built up.

Trademark Registration: The Benefits of Registering Your Trademark

Benefits of Registering Your Trademark

The benefits of registering your trademark: a trademark can be anything from a logo, brand name, company name or a phrase which is used to identify the company. Specialist services or products can also have a trademark attached to them to stop other companies copy an innovative concept. Without a registered trademark anyone can use these things that build up your brand, and in turn potentially damage your reputation. Many people make the mistake of thinking that registering their company name means that others cannot infringe on their trademark, however, without a trademark your services and company branding could be in jeopardy.

Value of a trademark: building up a brand can be a costly and time consuming process. Once a good brand has been established people will trust in it and recognise it, saving a lot of hard work marketing your business in the long run. Brands can also be valuable things with connotations going further than the company itself. People may start to see your brand and think of words such as "reliable", "quality" or "professional", this brand can then be a company's biggest asset. A company with a registered trademark can also use the '®', giving the customer confidence in the product or service. When a brand is registered a company can build this brand without the fear of others intruding on the reputation the company has built up.

Your rights: an important benefit of registering your trademark is that it gives you the power to sue people who copy or infringe on your brand, whether it's a part of or the whole brand. This protection stems across the whole country and can extend in to the European Union with specialist registration. A trademark is also a deterrent to counterfeiters who may use your good name to sell products illegally, anyone found doing this can be criminally charged.

You can also register your trademark in any country you perhaps might operate in the future ensuring your good name is protected internationally.

The future: a trademark in the UK will last for ten years from the date of registration and can be renewed ten years later indefinitely. A trademark can generate revenue in its own right by being sold or even franchised. This will of course potentially increase the worth of your businesses. Without registering your brand legally, you may be restricted as to how you expand your company. Many investors will look in to whether you have a trademark, making it an important attribute to any company looking for future investment or else looking to sell.

Advantages of Registering a Trademark With Coddan

Advantages of Registering a Trademark

Advantages of registering a trademark with Coddan: registering a trademark is essential to protect a company and its assets, and because the application process can be detailed and lengthy, it makes sense to choose a professional trademark registration agent to do it.

At Coddan, we have many years' experience in registering our clients' trademarks, from logos to corporate slogans and much more. We make sure that registration is done properly and in the most professional manner, so that there are no problems or difficulties later on that might be traumatic to a firm and its operations.

We initially carry out a comprehensive search of the trademark register to make sure our clients' proposed material is not already in use. This crucial first step is important to ensuring that a trademark application is not rejected after many months' waiting, and official fees that have been paid do not amount to money wasted because they are not refundable.

When our clients begin their trademark application with us, they find the process is a simple one. All you need to do is choose from our range of registration packages and then simply fill out your details in our online form. When we receive your application, we'll get straight to work and will let you know if you can proceed after a trademark check has been carried out.

As trademarks are localised, meaning their protection in one country does not apply to other countries, many firms must register their trademark in multiple jurisdictions. We can handle trademark registration not only in the UK but also in countries around the world, from those in the European Union to the United States.

If the registration is successful, meaning your proposed trademark is not already in use, you can go ahead and use it and put the ® symbol right beside it. This serves to advise others that your trademark has been registered and warns them against copying it.

Using the registered symbol is not permitted in cases where the trademark has not been registered and is in fact an offence. We will supply you with a certificate of registration as proof of its protection, and this can be used in case of any disputes. To find out how you can avail of these and more benefits by using our trademark registration service in the UK and around the world, contact us now and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have about your own trademark.

What Can Stop a Trademark From Being Registered?

Register a Trademark Online

What can stop a trademark from being registered? Trademarks are essential to any business, as they protect the name and company brand from competitors. However, it can be quite difficult to find out why something you want to trademark cannot be registered. At Coddan we provide an excellent service and specialise in trademark applications. Below are four common reasons submissions are rejected, and our skilled team will be more than happy to help with any problems you are having relating to your company name.

1. Exclusivity. When you register a trademark this confirms you as the legal owner of the brand or name. This prevents others from using your company name to provide similar or the same services and goods. When an application is successful it stops all other businesses in your field applying your name. Purchasing a domain name or registering the name of your company will not be legally binding. It is very important you check for exclusivity before deciding upon what to call your business as re-branding can prove very costly.

2. Infringement claims. When a trademark registration is successful it shows your company name is legally available in your business market. However, if you have been operating under a company name that another party holds the rights of, it is very likely they will take you to court for trademark infringement. As well as legal fees, you will also face paying substantial damages and having all your company materials, containing the name in question, confiscated and destroyed.

3. Sabotage by competitors. Failing to secure your name by trademark can allow your competition to apply for it themselves. This will shut you out of the market and will mean you have to spend a great deal of time and money to re-brand your company. While it might be possible to get your competitor's trademark revoked, this could cost a great deal in legal fees and be difficult to prove. International competitors have also been known to register trademarks in other countries to prevent their rivals expanding.

4. Retaliation. Because anyone can apply to register a trademark it can be easy for an aggrieved ex-employee, or former supplier, to take ownership of your company name if it isn't protected. We have also seen many disputes between joint venture partners. A common argument involves one of the parties registering the other's logo in a bid to gain an upper hand in negotiations.

Remember it is important to get your company name registered early. Feel free to contact the team at Coddan if you are looking for any assistance in applying for your trademark.

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark registration process: building up a good reputation for your company can be a costly and long process, so if someone comes along and uses your trademark to operate under, and potentially ruins all the hard work that's gone in to establishing your brand, it could end up costing even more. Re-branding an existing company is a difficult process and one that can take years to develop. So to ensure that someone can't operate under your trademark, registering it from the beginning will protect you from any issues as this in the future.

The process: registering your company with Companies House or buying a domain name are two ways in which people think their companies identity is secure. However, without a registered trademark anyone is able to come along and use aspects of your trademark, or indeed, all of it. The process of getting your trademark registered isn't as costly or as time consuming as you may think and lasts up to ten years from when the registration is granted. Companies can then choose to continue to have their trademark registered on an indefinite basis.

The process can take anywhere from six to nine months to register in the UK if the application is simple. There is also the ability to fast track applications so that a trademark can be registered in just four months. Applications for the European Community Trademark can take longer, around eighteen months for an uncomplicated application. Applications can be opposed by other businesses as any trademarks are advertised in the Trade Marks Journal for two months as a statuary requirement; however, strict deadlines need to be met if an opposition is logged but this can slow down an application.

Can my trademark be registered? Not every trademark can be registered and if it doesn't fall under the brackets of unique and nondescript the application is unlikely to be taken further. Words related to the sector you work in may also not be trademarked, but for example, in the case of Apple, they were able to register their trademark as they are in the computing sector and not selling fruit.

How will my application be handled? By using a high quality service, extensive checks can be carried out on your application to ensure that your chosen trademark is available to use and in turn register. Coddan can carry out this process for you taking your application from start to finish as swiftly as possible.

Our Experience With Trademark Registration

Our Experience With Trademark Registration

Our experience with trademark registration: here at Coddan, we have a vast amount of experience in the area of trademark registration, not only in the United Kingdom but around the world. Whether you want to register your trademark at home or abroad, we're able to do it for you.

Because registering a company's trademark - a logo, slogan or something else that defines them in the marketplace and is theirs only – is so fundamentally important to a business, it must be done right. You don't want your application rejected many months down the line, or failing to properly register at all. That's why we handle the work from the outset and never use intermediaries for any part of it.

We begin by appraising the proposed trademark, and then conduct a check with the trademark register to see if it's already in use, or anything similar to it that might cause problems during the application process and lead it to be rejected. Only when we're fully satisfied that the proposed trademark is unique will we go ahead and lodge the application with the Intellectual Property Office, and when it has been approved and is complete you'll receive a certificate of trademark registration to prove that it's yours.

We have several packages for trademark registration, and can do it for companies that are already in existence as well as those that are about to be formed. Trademarks are only protected in the country where they are registered, however, so if you're doing business across borders, or even just thinking about it as a long-term plan, you'll also need to register your trademark in other countries, and we can assist.

We're experienced in working with the Madrid Protocol, which enables international trademark registration. With just one successful application to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, a UN agency based in Geneva, a trademark can be protected in more than 90 countries. It's an effective way of applying for and managing trademarks in many jurisdictions, instead of the costly and time-consuming process of doing it individually.

Our aim at Coddan is to make the registration process as straightforward as possible for our clients. We've designed an online application system that's easy to use and once we receive your details we'll get the process under way at once. Our expert trademark consultations are available to discuss your individual needs, and can advise on what's best for you. Contact us today and get your company trademark protected.

We Can Register a Trademark For an Existing Business

Order Trademark Registration

We can register a trademark for an existing business: as well as forming companies and registering their trademarks, at Coddan, we can also register a trademark for a company that has already been set up and is doing business. It can often be the case, for example, that a company that has been in business for some time wants to give itself a corporate image change, with a more modern and dynamic look, and such a change starts with the company's trademark - its logo, slogan or other material.

We have a number of packages, with different pricing and service options, that are available to existing businesses. Just choose which one is most suitable to your needs and provide your details in our online application form. When we receive your information, we will begin the registration process.

That starts with a check of the trademark registration register to see if your proposed material is already in use. If it is, you'll have to provide something else, as no two trademarks can be the same, just as with a company name. It's highly beneficial to carry out this check at the beginning of the registration process to avoid the application being rejected later on.

If your proposed trademark is not in use, we will file your application with the Intellectual Property Office, and when approval is granted you'll get a certificate of registration to prove that your trademark is yours, yours only, and cannot be copied.

It may also be the case that a company has been in business for some time and wishes to expand into new markets, perhaps in neighbouring countries or even in lands far away. Protection for trademarks in the UK only applies to the UK and nowhere else, so if firms wish to do business across borders, they'll have to have their trademark protected in those places too, or risk having competitors there use it and potentially cause losses to the firm as well as harm to their reputation.

At Coddan we can register trademarks for your existing business in the UK and in countries around the world. We have long experience in handling trademark registration across the European Union and in the United States. Contact us today and find out how you can benefit from our expertise in handling trademark registration. Our experienced consultants are available to discuss your trademark plans and offer initial advice as well as guidance throughout the process.

We Can Register a Trademark With a New Entity Formation

Register a Trademark With a New Entity Formation

We can register a trademark with a new entity formation: when you're setting up a new business, there are various elements to it that are separate to just the company registration. One of them, and one of the most important, is registering the new entity's trademark. We can do both for you. Our streamlined application process lets you easily apply for your new company as well as trademark protection. All that's required is to simply fill in our online application form that's approved by the relevant authorities and we will take it from there.

As part of our popular formation and registration package, we can provide a registered office address at a prestigious location in London. It won't be where your business will be based as the address will be for official correspondence with the authorities, such as Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. We will then forward this correspondence on to you.

Other benefits for clients about to embark on a new business venture and have their company set up by Coddan are a referral for a bank account in the UK or offshore as well as providing nominee officers. We also operate a monitoring service that keeps track of trademarks, including those that have just been filed and may be similar to yours and could prove problematic to your operation.

Same Day Company Registration

Same Day Company Registration

The formation of limited companies can take 4-6 hours if applications and payment are received before 13:00pm London-time and Companies House permitting. Companies House then aim to respond to electronically filed documents within 4-6 working hours. Although this is not always possible, it does generally mean that if you placed an order before midday on a normal working day we can have your company registered by the end of that same day. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

You'll need to send us a sample of your trademark, either with the online application or separately via email, and we will carry out a check with the trademark register to see if it or something similar to it is already in use, and if it is you'll need to come up with a new trademark.

Only when we are satisfied that your trademark is unique to you will we lodge an application with the Intellectual Property Office, which will appraise it, and if there are no difficulties an approval will be issued. This then serves to protect your trademark in the United Kingdom, and if you want it protected outside the country, we can also assist with that process.

LLP Registration with an Agent

LLP Registration with an Agent is Faster!

Registration of a limited liability partnership with the authorised agent is much faster than to register an LLP directly with the Companies House. Normally the formation of an LLP with the incorporation agent takes only a few hours, meaning your LLP can be registered on the same day as you placed an order. It can take up to five working days if decide to start the LLP formation process directly with Companies House. Registering an LLP with us eliminates necessity of completing and signing of paper incorporation forms.

When the company formation is complete you'll receive the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association, as well as a certificate of trademark to prove it’s yours. If you'd like to form a new LLP and register its trademark at the same time, saving you time, effort and expense, contact us at Coddan today and we'll be happy to help.