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Advantages of Registering a Trademark With Coddan

Advantages of registering a trademark with Coddan

Advantages of Registering a Trademark

Advantages of registering a trademark with Coddan: registering a trademark is essential to protect a limited company and its assets, and because the application process can be detailed and lengthy, it makes sense to choose a professional trademark registration expert to do it.

At Coddan, we have many years' experience in registering our clients' trademarks, from logos to corporate slogans and much more. We make sure that registration is done properly and in the most professional manner, so that there are no problems or difficulties later on that might be traumatic to a firm and its operations.

We initially carry out a comprehensive search of the trademark register to make sure our clients' proposed material is not already in use. This crucial first step is important to ensuring that a trademark application is not rejected after many months' waiting, and official fees that have been paid do not amount to money wasted because they are not refundable.

When our clients begin their trademark application with us, they find the process is a simple one. All you need to do is choose from our range of registration packages and then simply fill out your details in our online form. When we receive your application, we'll get straight to work and will let you know if you can proceed after a trademark check has been carried out.

As trademarks are localised, meaning their protection in one country does not apply to other countries, many firms must register their trademark in multiple jurisdictions. We can handle trademark registration not only in the UK but also in countries around the world, from those in the European Union to the United States.

If the registration is successful, meaning your proposed trademark is not already in use, you can go ahead and use it and put the ® symbol right beside it. This serves to advise others that your trademark has been registered and warns them against copying it.

Using the registered symbol is not permitted in cases where the trademark has not been registered and is in fact an offence. We will supply you with a certificate of registration as proof of its protection, and this can be used in case of any disputes. To find out how you can avail of these and more benefits by using our trademark registration service in the UK and around the world, contact us now and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have about your own trademark.