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The Benefits of Registering Your Trademark & Logo

The benefits of registering your trademark

Benefits of Registering Your Trademark

The benefits of trademark registration: a trademark can be anything from a logo, brand name, company name or a phrase which is used to identify the company. Specialist services or products can also have a trademark attached to them to stop other companies copy an innovative concept. Without a registered trademark anyone can use these things that build up your brand, and in turn potentially damage your reputation. Many people make the mistake of thinking that registering their company name means that others cannot infringe on their trademark, however, without a trademark your services and limited company branding could be in jeopardy.

Value of a trademark: building up a brand can be a costly and time consuming process. Once a good brand has been established people will trust in it and recognise it, saving a lot of hard work marketing your business in the long run. Brands can also be valuable things with connotations going further than the company itself. People may start to see your brand and think of words such as "reliable", "quality" or "professional", this brand can then be a company's biggest asset. A private company with a registered trademark can also use the '®', giving the customer confidence in the product or service. When a brand is registered a company can build this brand without the fear of others intruding on the reputation the company has built up.

Your rights: an important benefit of registering your trademark is that it gives you the power to sue people who copy or infringe on your brand, whether it's a part of or the whole brand. This protection stems across the whole country and can extend in to the European Union with specialist registration. A trademark is also a deterrent to counterfeiters who may use your good name to sell products illegally, anyone found doing this can be criminally charged.

You can also register your trademark in any country you perhaps might operate in the future ensuring your good name is protected internationally.

The future: a trademark in the UK will last for ten years from the date of registration and can be renewed ten years later indefinitely. A trademark can generate revenue in its own right by being sold or even franchised. This will of course potentially increase the worth of your businesses. Without registering your brand legally, you may be restricted as to how you expand your company. Many investors will look in to whether you have a trademark, making it an important attribute to any company looking for future investment or else looking to sell.