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We Can Register a Trademark With a New Entity Formation

We can register a logo, copyright & trademark with a new entity formation

Register a Trademark With a New Entity Formation

We can register a trademark with a new entity formation: when you're setting up a new business, there are various elements to it that are separate to just the company registration. One of them, and one of the most important, is registering the new entity's trademark. We can do both for you. Our streamlined application process lets you easily apply for your new company as well as trademark protection. All that's required is to simply fill in our online application form that's approved by the relevant authorities and we will take it from there.

As part of our popular formation and registration package, we can provide a registered office address at a prestigious location in London. It won't be where your business will be based as the address will be for official correspondence with the authorities, such as Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. We will then forward this correspondence on to you.

Other benefits for clients about to embark on a new business venture and have their private company set up by Coddan are a referral for a bank account in the UK or offshore as well as providing nominee officers. We also operate a monitoring service that keeps track of trademarks, including those that have just been filed and may be similar to yours and could prove problematic to your operation.

Same Day Company Registration

Same Day Company Registration

The formation of limited companies can take 4-6 hours if applications and payment are received before 13:00pm London-time and Companies House permitting. Companies House then aim to respond to electronically filed documents within 4-6 working hours. Although this is not always possible, it does generally mean that if you placed an order before midday on a normal working day we can have your limited company registered by the end of that same day. Call us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

You'll need to send us a sample of your trademark, either with the online application or separately via email, and we will carry out a check with the trademark register to see if it or something similar to it is already in use, and if it is you'll need to come up with a new trademark.

Only when we are satisfied that your trademark is unique to you will we lodge an application with the Intellectual Property Office, which will appraise it, and if there are no difficulties an approval will be issued. This then serves to protect your trademark in the United Kingdom, and if you want it protected outside the country, we can also assist with that process.

LLP Registration with an Expert

LLP Registration with an Expert is Faster!

Registration of a limited liability partnership with the authorised expert is much faster than to register an LLP directly with the Companies House. Normally the formation of an LLP with the incorporation expert takes only a few hours, meaning your LLP can be registered on the same day as you placed an order. It can take up to five working days if decide to start the partnership formation process directly with Companies House. Registering a partnership with us eliminates necessity of completing and signing of paper incorporation forms.

When the company formation is complete you'll receive the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association, as well as a certificate of trademark to prove it’s yours. If you'd like to form a new LLP and register its trademark at the same time, saving you time, effort and expense, contact us at Coddan today and we'll be happy to help.