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Why to Register a Trademark?

Why to register a trademark?

Why Register a Trademark?

Why register a trademark? Protecting the look or face of your business is one of the most vital investments you can make for your private company or a partnership. This might be a phrase, logo, symbol or word, but if it's a representation of your firm it must be secured. For this reason registering a trademark officially is a crucial step.

Deciding against registering a trademark could impact your business negatively in many ways. There is a chance another firm might have a very similar or the same symbol, name or slogan. When this happens and a different limited company has registered the details, aside from just losing your name, for example, you might also have to pay damages for using a registered trademark.

Sadly a lot of companies have this problem and further issues arise when you don't possess a brand that is registered. It's possible that you may need to change the name of your firm, have your logo re-designed or come up with a new slogan. Those involved with your business including your clients, customers, affiliates and vendors would be very confused by these alterations.

This would also provide a great expense in printing new advertising material and getting a new brand seen by the general public.

When you register a trademark it protects your company from losing its image. This prevents many other negative scenarios that can occur to businesses that haven't safeguarded their business name. It is far more likely your customers and clients will be consistent if you have your trademark registered. This will protect the brand of your business, ensuring competitors are unable to copy your logos.

When you register a trademark this gives your business and also yourself, as the firm owner, a few types of protection. Legal action is easily applied against anyone caught using logo without your permission. Should counterfeiters be using your trademark Trading Standards Officers are able to bring charges against them. Also as the owner of the brand you can sell or franchise it to allow others to use your company name.

Sadly a lot of companies neglect to have a trademark because of the hassle it can take to register a business. Thankfully Coddan are able to help firms through this lengthy process, ensuring the necessary work is completed so your business is kept secure. This will save you long hours as well as money.