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Why to Register Your Logo?

Why to register a logo?

Why Register Your Logo?

Why register your logo? The identification of a business is everything to build up a strong client base. A strong logo can be vital in getting that recognition from your target audience without having to put your name out there. The Nike branded "tick" and the Ralph Lauren "pony" are just two examples of where a strong logo can really build up the brand of a limited company and sell a concept to the consumer. It's not only about selling your product either, the NHS and HMRC both have recognisable brands for the public to associate with. So why should you register your logo?

Copyright: a lot of time, effort and money can go in to creating a logo that represents your company. So how would you feel if someone took that logo and integrated it into their brand? Until your logo is a registered trademark other companies are able to use it however they wish, whether this is to piggy back on the brand, or because they like the logo and don't want to design their own. If your logo is a registered trademark this gives you the power to take further action against those seen to be using your brand. This also protects you from those using your logo and damaging your brand and in turn, your business.

Strong marketing: when a private company builds up its brand to be trusted by the consumer branching out in to other industries and specialisms becomes much easier. Large supermarkets have become the market leader in many other fields, not just groceries. From insurance to credit cards, companies are able to manoeuvre their brand and sell a product. Without a registered trademark you may find that, legally, you are unable to expand your business. Your brand may also be used in another sector unknowingly by another business; your rights in getting the other company to change their logo are non-existent without a trademark, restricting what you can do in another sector.

An investment for the future? A registered trademark gives future investors confidence too. A strong brand is something that people will feel confident putting their money in to. Franchising is also another way companies can make money from their brand - something that won't be possible to do without a registered trademark.

Therefore it is vital that your company is protected with a trademark registration both in countries it operates in and perhaps countries it may operate in the future. This will ensure that at all times your company is protected from people piggy backing the brand and potentially ruining the reputation you have built up.