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Register a Trademark With New Company Formation in Belize

Register a trademark with new company formation in Belize

Register a Trademark With New Company Formation

There are many advantages to registering your offshore limited company in Belize, some of which include lower tax rates, less restrictive business regulation, and greater levels of anonymity than is available in the UK. That doesn't mean anything goes, however, as Belize is a well regulated financial jurisdiction, with strong trademark legislation. That said, when you do register a new company in Belize, you want to make sure everything is done correctly from the outset - and that includes registering your corporate trademark.

Why the emphasis on your company trademark? It's simple really. Belize attracts a lot of companies and as a result, there's a competitive business environment here. If you fail to register your trademark in Belize, there's nothing to stop a competitor from appropriating your logo - or use one that is all but indistinguishable from yours - to help promote their own goods and services. As anyone in business knows, your trademark helps to give your company its identity; it's what makes you and the products or services you provide unique, so it's vital that you protect this valuable asset.

If the prospect of forming your offshore company seems daunting enough, and trademark registration in Belize sounds like a lot of extra paperwork, we can help to make sense of everything. Our advisors have many years' experience of operating in this part of the world. We know how things are done in Belize, including all the rules and regulations covering new private company formation, limited liability company establishment, and what's involved in registering a trademark. We also have an excellent network of expert local contacts that can help us to speed up the entire process, if necessary.

As registered agents, we are authorised to register trademarks in Belize on behalf of our clients. We present all the necessary documents to support the application and, if approved, you are then free to start trading, with the assurance that your corporate identity, and intellectual property, is fully protected by international law. At Coddan Ltd, we offer a free consultation on our offshore company formation and trademark registration services. The next step is to complete a simple online trademark registration form, and we'll take it from there!