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Why Register a Logo in BVI?

Why to register a logo in BVI?

Logo Registration in BVI

Why register a logo in BVI? The business world is full of copycats, and if one limited company is wildly successful with its products or services, you can be sure many others will try and copy what they're doing to increase their revenue. That's why it's imperative that firms protect their intellectual property, including their logos, from the outset.

If you're thinking about entering the British Virgin Islands and want to ensure your corporate logo is legally protected at all times, Coddan can handle the registration process for you and ensure it's done properly and professionally. This way, if another private company starts using a logo that's the same as yours or even strikingly similar, you'll be able to take legal action against them and you will more than likely succeed.

When your logo is registered, you'll be able to use the registered "R" sign beside it. This has the effect of letting people know that it has been registered in the BVI and may not be copied in any way. It acts as a powerful deterrent in preventing others from infringing on your intellectual property.

Applying for logo registration in the BVI is a process that must be handled by a registered agent, such as Coddan, and applications must outline the products or services that are associated with the logo. If after examination of the application and the logo, it is approved, a certificate of registration will be issued proving that it's the applicant's and may not be copied. The lifetime of the logo protection is 10 years, and it can be renewed for the same period.

Having your logo registered in the BVI will add significant value to your corporate assets there. If it's not registered and therefore not protected, the entire existence of your company could be at risk. It's a small matter to have it registered, using services such as ours, but it makes an enormous and positive difference to the fortunes of companies operating here. If you'd like to register your logo in the BVI ahead of trading in the territory, get in touch with us today and we'll be pleased to assist.