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Benefits of Registering a Trade-Mark in China

Benefits of registering a trade-mark in China

There are many benefits when it comes to getting your trademark registered in China: -

1. Having a registered trademark means you will get the exclusive right to use it. After you've registered your trademark in China, you'll be given documentation as proof of ownership. When you've received this, you will have the exclusive right to use your trademark in China, on all your company's products.

2. Having a registered trademark means you can take legal action if infringement occurs. Following your trademark registration, you will be able to take legal action if anybody uses your trademark without your consent. It also stops other companies from registering a trademark that is the same or very similar. In China, without your trademark registered, you can't take any legal action.

3. Having a registered trademark means less stress. Once you've got a registered trademark, you can put your mind at ease because you'll know you'll be protected if another business tries to use it. There will also be less worrying about infringing on someone else's trademark accidentally.

4. Having a registered trademark means you will be able to use the ® symbol. Using the ® symbol is an offence if you haven't registered it as a trademark. When you have your registered trademark though, you will be able to use the ® symbol alongside your private company's trademark. This symbol acts as a warning to others against using your trademark and helps give your business a better image.

5. Having a registered trademark is a huge asset. A registered trademark represents the brand and reputation of your company, and sets you apart from your competitors. It's also a fantastic limited company asset that can be used in the event of a company valuation for a potential M&A or initial public offering.

Coddan deals with trademark registration in China and other countries. If you're considering getting your trademark registered, get in touch with us today. At Coddan, we can provide you with extensive services to help your trademark registration go smoothly. Using our services will help save you time that could be better spent on running your business. To find out more, call Coddan today on + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or +44 (0) 330.808.0089.