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Why Register Your Logo in China?

Why to register your logo in China?

Register a Logo in China

Why register a logo in China? Image really is everything when it comes to business. The dawn of the digital age has made it more important that ever for companies to have a clear and effective logo and branding. It has also made it essential to ensure your logo is as legally protected as it can be, to ensure no one can abuse your limited company's image. At Coddan, our business and legal experts can provide you with vital advice and insights concerning trademarking and copyright protection in China.

China is now one of the world's biggest economies, and people there are becoming bigger and bigger consumers. This means that advertising and having the right logo is key to ensuring a strong presence there. You may have invested a lot of time and money in creating the perfect logo, so you need to protect this investment by registering it as a trademark. By arranging for trademark protection, legal action can be taken swiftly if any one tries to copy your logo.

Piracy and breaches of intellectual property law are relatively common in China, so it's important to protect your logo as much as you can. Remember though, if you register your logo as a trademark in China, it is only registered there; if you want the same level of protection in other countries, you will need to register in those countries too.

If you're using your logo in China, you may want to use it in Hong Kong too. At Coddan, we offer trademark registration services for many countries, so we can protect your logo all over the world. Our services take care of the paperwork and the application process, leaving you with more time and money to focus on your business.

To get more information about having the best legal protection for your logo in China or elsewhere, get in touch with Coddan today. Our team of legal and corporate specialists can help you with all your trademarks needs and also provide other business, legal and financial advice and services. You can call us on + 44 (0) 207.935.5171, or email us. We also have an online chat function on our website, so it's never been easier to get instant help.