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Register Your Trade Mark or Logo in EU

EU trademark registration services: Why trademark registration in the EU with Coddan is important? Whether your company is only doing business in the UK or around the wider European Union, having full trademark protection across the continent is important in safeguarding a firm and its assets. Registering it in the UK alone will not protect your trademark outside the country. While here at Coddan we can register your trademark in the UK and you'll get legal protection around this country, we can also register your trademark in the EU and be protected throughout.

The European Trademark, or the Community Trademark as it's also called, provides trademark protection in all of the bloc's member states. One single application is all that needs to be made, in a process administered by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante, Spain, an EU agency that deals with trademarks and designs.

  Register a Community Trade Mark

EU trademark registration using the community trademark application to protect a logo or a trademark within the European Union. With this EU registering trademark package, we will provide the following services: search existing registered trademarks with OHIM office; filing a EU trademark application for one class of goods or services; the opportunity to register a trademark or logo in additional classes; liaising with the OHIM office on your behalf; the certificate of trademark registration will be send by post.

Price: £1,800

Register a community trade mark in EU

In order to register a trademark in the EU, it must be graphically depicted and be linked to a company's products or services that are different from other companies. It must also be distinctive, so that it's easily recognisable by consumers, but it must not contain descriptions of what's being sold, as this might impinge on competitors who are selling similar kinds of products.

As with registering a trademark in the UK, with the EU process, a check is first carried out on the register to make sure another private company or organisation is not using a proposed trademark. Some reasons for refusal by the office include a reasoned objection to the trademark and the use of official emblems such as national flags, among others.

This EU-wide trademark protection does a number of things besides confer copyright protection: it guarantees quality; shows where the goods or services come from; and can be used in advertising and other forms of promotion. The European Trademark lasts for 10 years and can be renewed.

Community trademark, logo and intellectual property registrar in EU

Company Registration With Trademark

If you wish to get this robust form of protection for your trademark, we can file and application on your behalf. At Coddan, we also have experience with the Madrid Protocol, a convention that enables companies to get protection for their trademarks in more than 90 countries, including around the EU, thereby saving time and money in making individual applications to one country at a time. Get in touch with us today and get your trademark protected right across the EU. It's an important step in making sure the welfare of your limited company is properly secured.

Why to register a community trademark in EU?

Why Register a Trademark in the EU

A trademark that is registered in the UK is not protected in the rest of the European Union. Until the development of the EU's Community Trademark scheme the only way to protect your trademark across Europe was to register with each country individually. Now it is possible to make one application and register a Community Trademark in every country of the EU. The benefits of registering a Community trademark are the same regardless of where you register it. It allows you to protect your business logo, slogan or product name so that others cannot use it.

Coddan can register your Community Trademark for you by submitting an application on your behalf to the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market. This service costs £1,800, as opposed to £600 to register a trademark solely in the UK. If you wish for your trademark to be registered in more than two countries, the Community Trademark route is cheaper and less complicated than pursuing individual registrations.

By using Coddan to register your Community Trademark you will have the benefit of our expertise in what constitutes grounds for refusal of a trademark application. We will also search for similar existing trademarks with the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market. The fee covers registering a trademark for one class of goods or services with an option to register for additional classes in the future. If your trademark is registered successfully then it will be protected for a period of ten years. Community trademarks can be renewed indefinitely.

A possible downside of using the Community Trademark System is that registering a trademark across the whole of the European Union makes it more likely that your trademark will be challenged by someone who believes that their rights have been infringed. As a result it might be better for businesses that have no intention of trading in more than a few European member states to register with those countries individually.

Registering your trademark with the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market can take as long as twelve months. To register a trademark with the UK Patent Office typically takes five to six months. If your EU trademark is challenged then Coddan will contact you to ask how you wish to proceed. The fee for registering your trademark does not include opposition fees. Coddan can provide expert representation should that be required by the client.