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Our Experience With Community Trademark Registration in EU

Our experience with community trademark registration

Community Trademark Registration in the EU

As one of London's premier limited company formation agencies, Coddan have the experience and expertise to ensure that registering a trademark in the EU is cost effective and straightforward. The process, which can take 12 months and costs upwards of £1,800, offers a number of key advantages to UK businesses seeking to protect their product or branding in multiple states within the EU. It is, however, imperative that the right application system is chosen, as well as that the right procedure is followed to minimise costs and the timescale of completing an application. Coddan is well placed to help its clients achieve both these aims.

In order to choose the most appropriate system of trademark registration for trademarks within the EU, Coddan offers tailored advice to each of its clients, ensuring that the most appropriate option for your private company is chosen. We have a very good working knowledge of these options, with the Community Trade Mark, or CTM, being a strong choice for many British companies seeking to expand or protect their products throughout the European Union.

Registering a trademark through the CTM system with Coddan will save your business time. The process of registering without the help of a company formation agency, whilst always an option, is a laborious one. Applications must be sent to the EU's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) in Spain, or the British Intellectual Property Office, which charges an additional fee. Both require the filing of an application in both a main European Union language and one of the Office's five working languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian or German. Coddan has experience of every level of this process, ensuring that forms are completed correctly and no additional costs are incurred through errors in the application process.

We also offer our clients a personal, knowledgeable service which entails discussion prior to making an application, immediate notification upon completion of the application and the option for post-registration advice or services to help your company make the most of your trademark.

When applying to register a trademark in the EU, there are potential advantages to consider. The acquisition of an EU-wide CTM, as well as giving your company the security you need to invest in your trademarks, can also open up the EU as a market to you. Coddan also offers a range of services for company formation, further trademark registrations in other product classes and a range of other support to our clients, as well as a dedicated, personal service that will see your CTM application brought to completion efficiently and professionally.