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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Trademark Registration Register Your Trade Mark or Logo in EU Registering a Community Trade Mark or Logo for an Existing Business

Registering a Community Trade Mark or Logo for an Existing Business

Registering a community trademark for an existing business

Registering a Trademark in the EU For an Existing Business

Companies that have been trading solely within a single territory (such as the United Kingdom) may be considering branching out into international activities, and often these business areas will fall within the European Union. This unique arrangement has made it possible for companies to reap the benefits of expansion, and the team of international business specialists at Coddan are on hand to highlight any of the legal considerations that may apply – such as the need for an effective trademark. Businesses with an established trademark will already be enjoying the levels of protection that it brings to intellectual property, and a successful European expansion simply has to follow the same guidelines.

Although an existing trademark will apply within a particular territory, an expansion into other EU nations will mean that a new application needs to be made. Provided that a private company can prove that it is already in existence (i.e. that it is an established entity within an EU-member state), this process can be carried out. There are number of procedures and regulations that need to be adhered to, and everything can be handled by the team at Coddan Ltd - this includes carrying out extensive research of existing trademarked items.

It is this level of research and attention to detail that sets Coddan apart from our competitors. While other companies may simply compile and submit applications, we take the time to make sure of two key factors. First of all, we check to see if there are any similar trademarks, and we return to the client to suggest changes if it is necessary. Aside from this, we also cross-reference applications with the extensive list of rules about what can and cannot be trademarked in the EU. By combining all of this into the comprehensive service that we offer to all companies, we can keep refused applications to an absolute minimum.

In the event that there needs to be further correspondence with an EU-wide trademarking agency, we can assist with this – disputes and queries with such powerful organisations can seem daunting to business owners. To find out more about how Coddan can take the stress out of establishing your presence in the European Union, trademarking and otherwise, please do not hesitate to give us a call on + 44 (0) 207.935.5171 or +44 (0) 330.808.0089. If you would rather email our team of experienced specialists, the address is info@coddan.co.uk, and you can find out more about our entire range of solutions at our website.