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Why Register a Copyright or Logo in the EU?

Why to register a logo or copyright in European Union?

Why Register a Logo in the EU

It is a common saying that a picture tells a thousand words. For businesses, a distinctive logo that is immediately recognised by customers has enormous value when attempting to market goods and services. It instantly reminds them of your private company and the positive attributes they associate with it.

Registering your logo as a trademark will ensure that no one else is able to use that logo to their own advantage and it will retain its value as something that is associated solely with your business. The EU's Community Trademark System allows you to register a logo as a trademark across all of its member states with a single application. Coddan can assist by advising on what is likely to constitute an acceptable logo to register as a trademark in EU. We can also submit the application on your behalf and even provide advice or representation if your trademark is challenged by a third party.

Examples of issues that might cause an application to register a logo to fail include it being insufficiently distinctive or of it depicting the shape of the goods or service to which it applies. Challenges may arise if your logo is similar to an existing logo applying to a similar class of goods or possibly a different class of goods where damage to reputation could result. An issue with using the Community Trademark System to register your logo is that it increases the likelihood that your logo may be challenged.

This is especially true of logos as opposed to product names due to the fact that while many different languages are spoken throughout Europe, pictures are universal. For companies that only intend to trade in one or two countries it may be sensible to register their logo as a trademark individually with those countries rather than registering across the whole of the EU. Coddan can advise on the most appropriate logo registration strategy for your business.

As part of Coddan's EU trademark registration package we will search with the EU's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market to find any similar already registered logos that may result in challenges. It can take up to twelve months before the OHIM is ready to consider an application. Once the logo has been registered we will post out a certificate of the Community trademark registration. If a challenge to your logo does result then Coddan will contact you to ask how you would like to proceed. We can provide expert representation if desired.