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Trade-Mark Registration Process in Hong Kong

Trade mark registration process in Hong Kong

Trade Mark Registration Process in HK

In order to register your trademark in Hong Kong, you need to complete the trademark application form (make sure you fill in an address in Hong Kong, not overseas) and forward it to the Trademark Registry of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. There will be an application fee involved in the registration of the trademark, and an additional fee for any extra types of goods or services. You can find the forms on the Intellectual Property Department of the HKSAR Government's website.

After your application is filed, there are four stages of the trademark registration process in Hong Kong: -

1. The Registry will check for any deficiencies or misinformation.

2. They will then examine the application against the requirements of the trademark ordinance and trademark rules. This will involve searching for any similar trademarks and ensuring everything meets trademark requirements. If your application is unsuccessful (i.e. does not meet the requirements) you will be informed at this point and perhaps advised how to overcome the refusal.

3. Your application will then be accepted and published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Journal [http://www.ipd.gov.hk/eng/ip_journal.htm#sthash.pFbK2sLU.dpuf]. At this point, it will be open for opposition from third parties; the opposition period lasts three months from the publication date.

4. After the above three stages are completed, your trademark will be completely registered and you'll be issued with an official registration certificate.

If all the requirements are met and there are no deficiencies in your application, or opposition from a third party, your application will be approved. The entire registration process can be as little as six months after the date of when your application was received.

Ensuring that your trademark is registered, and covers all areas of your products and services, requires extensive experience and knowledge of the trademark system. At Coddan, we are experts in all things trademark related and can help you get your trademark registered in Hong Kong. Our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers will make the whole process go smoothly and easily. We can help ease the pressure of registering a trademark overseas and give you appropriate legal advice. Get in touch with us today to find out more.