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Why Register a Logo in Hong Kong?

Why to register a logo in Hong Kong?

Why Register a Logo in Hong Kong

Why register a logo in Hong Kong? If you're planning to do business in Hong Kong, one thing you'll need to do in advance is register your company logo so that your corporate image is protected and you have your own unique identifier in the hotly competitive environment of the Special Administrative Region of China.

Major global companies with well-known logos have in recent years had difficulties in China with local firms replicating their logos but with slight modifications so that they're not exactly the same – but similar enough to cause confusion among the buying public. Quality companies rely on their logos as a guarantee that people are getting good products and services, and so when a rival, low-quality firm tries to use that private company, it can not only result in lost sales but also pose a risk to reputations and the public perception of a company.

That's why it's imperative that a logo be registered before doing business in Hong Kong, so that if it's approved, it's yours only and no one else can use it or anything similar to it. It will also prevent other firms from trying to register a comparable logo because they won't be able to. If your limited company needs to take legal action against a firm infringing on your logo design, as long as you have your official certification of registration, you can be all but certain of a successful outcome.

The process of registering a logo in Hong Kong is done at the government's Intellectual Property Department, and if like many people you're unsure of what to do, we're pleased to inform you that here at Coddan we can handle it for you, in a professional and timely manner so that your logo is properly protected under the law.

We've made applying for company formations in Hong Kong and our range of other services in the territory, including logo registration, straightforward and swift. Just use our online application form and when we receive your details we'll get to work and ensure you get properly established. You can also benefit from our various highly competitive packages to suit individual needs.