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Register a Trade Mark in Republic of Ireland Just For £600,Trade-Mark Registration in Republic of Ireland Online

Online trade mark registration in Republic of Ireland - if you set up a company in the Republic of Ireland and don't register your trademark, someone can swipe your products or services right from under your feet and there would be precious little you could do about it. You could spend years in court - and a small fortune - trying to prove your trademark is yours alone, but with no documentation from the Irish Patents Office, it's highly unlikely you would get very far.
Therefore, registration of a trademark in the Republic of Ireland is one of the most basic things a company can do to protect itself, because if you don't do it, someone else might register it for themselves. Here at Coddan Ltd, we're specialists in trademark registration in the Republic of Ireland, and we recommend to all our clients setting up there to register without delay.

  Register a Trade Mark in Republic of Ireland

Trademark registration in Republic of Ireland achieved by lodging a formal application with the Republic of Ireland Patent & Trademark Office. With this Republic of Ireland registering trademark package we will provide the following services: search existing registered trademarks with trademark office; filing a Republic of Ireland trademark application for one class of goods or services; the opportunity to register a trademark or logo in additional classes; the certificate of trademark registration will be send by post.

Price: £600.00

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Intense competition in every industry now means that brands are constantly under threat, and not having them protected by registering a trademark -a logo, slogan or other materials, as well as designs and patents - is a fundamental flaw that could see them damaged, causing financial losses to the firm and reputational harm. That's why it's so important to register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland straight away. Then if a rival firm tries to copy what you're doing, you'll have full legal protection and be able to take action against them that will more than likely succeed.

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Registration of a Trademark in Ireland

Another important consideration with trademark registration in the Republic of Ireland is confidence among current and possible future investors, who certainly will not be keen on investing in a company whose intellectual assets are not protected because it puts the entire operation at risk. The same is true for any partnerships or mergers, as well as a sale of the company in the years ahead. We can handle your trademark registration in the Republic of Ireland quickly, easily and at low cost. Just use our online trademark registration service and we'll do the rest. Contact us now for a free consultation and get your trademark - and your company - fully protected.

Registration of a Trade Mark in Republic of Ireland: Why Register a Trade Mark in the Republic of Ireland?

Register a Trademark in Republic of Ireland

The fiercely competitive trading environment in the Republic of Ireland means that every company needs to have maximum legal protection so they can effectively take action if a rival tries to harm them. It starts with registering a trademark so that a firm's intellectual property is secured.

Here at Coddan Ltd, you can register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland with the minimum of fuss and at low cost, ensuring you're properly protected from any potential infringements on your products or services. Our online trademark registration form means you can quickly and easily provide us with your details and we'll then get the process under way with the Irish Patents Office.

Your trademark may be your company's logo or slogan and it can also include other elements that are unique to you, including product designs and patents. We'll begin by carrying out a search of companies registered in the Republic of Ireland to see if anything similar to your trademark is already in use, and we'll then need to show that your trademark can only be identifiable with your company.

If someone tries to copy your company's products or services following registration of a trade mark in the Republic of Ireland, you'll be able to sue them in court and you'll most likely succeed. Not having this essential legal protection means anyone could claim your trademark by registering it themselves and then start producing products or services similar to yours, a prospect that could be financially devastating for your company.

When registration of your trademark is complete, you'll be able to put the trademark symbols "TM" and "R" alongside your logo and slogan. This lets everyone know that you've registered with the authorities and have full legal protection. It's not permitted to use these symbols if the company has not registered its trademark, however. To find out more about trademark registration in the Republic of Ireland, get in touch with us now and we'll be happy to give you a free consultation. Make sure your business if fully protected at all times and profits from the vibrant Republic of Ireland market.

Trade Mark Registration in Republic of Ireland: Why Register a Logo in Republic of Ireland?

Why Register a Logo in Republic of Ireland?

A logo, if it is one which fits perfectly with your business and which you feel adds value to your company, is a valuable commodity which you will not want to lose. However, without registering your logo, someone else can easily come along and use it for their company, meaning that they are benefiting from all of the hard work that you have put into your logo and branding. You can register a logo as either a trademark or copyright it, but it may be best to register a trademark in Republic of Ireland to fully protect your logo.

Why choose a trade mark over copyright in Republic of Ireland? If you want to protect your logo properly, you may be better off registering it as a trademark. Registration of a trademark in Republic of Ireland means that it is easier to protect your logo and defend it if it is being used by another company without your permission. Whilst copyright does mean that legally another company cannot use your logo as their own, it is not suitable for any logo which does not have the requisite level of creative input to give it artistic merit, and copyright can also not protect the colours, name or design of the logo. This means that if you have a simple logo (and most businesses do), you may not be able to copyright it anyway.

What are the benefits of registering your logo in Republic of Ireland? Once you have registered your logo as a trademark, no one else will be able to use your logo as their own, or work under your logo without your permission. This helps your business to build and develop under your terms, and prevents an expensive name change or complete rebranding a way down the line.

Once you have build up a successful brand, it can be a death sentence to have to change everything and try to hold onto your customers, proving to them that you are still the same company despite the image change. If you have found a name, logo and branding that work for your company, make sure that you are able to hold onto them. Coddan Ltd can help you register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

The Trade Mark Registration Process in the Republic of Ireland

Trade Mark Registration Process in Ireland

Registration of a trade mark in the Republic of Ireland is fairly simple if you know how, but you can make the process easier with the help of Coddan, as we will be able to work on your behalf and with you to get your trade mark registered with the minimum of fuss. If you do want to register a trade mark, it may make you more comfortable to know what the process is, how much it will cost you and so on. Here is some more information about how to register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland.

Fill out our application form: simply enough, the easiest way to register your trade mark is just to fill out an application form with all of the information included about yourself and your trade mark. You will need to include a copy of your mark, which could be a word or an image but does need to be represented graphically, and a list of the goods and services that will come under the mark.

Remember that once the trade mark has been registered you will not be able to change or add to the list of goods and services, so you must be sure of what you are adding.

Submit the application form: you should then submit your application form, at which you will be given a filing date and an application number. These are important, so you should hold onto them until you hear back about your application and whether it has been successful or not. It will take a few weeks for your application to be reviewed, during which time it will be examined to ensure that your mark is original and acceptable.

Await your verdict: your trade mark may be refused, and then you will have the opportunity to argue your case for the mark to be accepted. If it is accepted then your trade mark will be entered into the Official Journal and will then last indefinitely, as long as you continue to renew the registration every 10 years.

The Benefits of Registering a Trade Mark in the Republic of Ireland

Benefits of Registering a Trade Mark in Ireland

There are many benefits associated with the registration of a trade mark in the Republic of Ireland, which is why so many businesses will trade mark their intellectual property as early as possible. It is not a very complicated process, and is even easier if you work with Coddan in order to register it as quickly and simply as possible, and costs just £600.00 to complete. Here are some of the major benefits of registering a trade mark.

Register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland to protect your work: a company's name and logo are probably their greatest asset. You build your customer base and brand on your logo and company name, meaning that if these were to be taken away from you you would have to start again almost at the beginning to rebuild your brand and customers. A trademark protects you from this. With a trade mark you are also able to provide a record of your trade mark so that no other company can use it and claim ignorance of it, as the trade mark is easily discovered within the Official Journal.

Others should be deterred from using your trade mark: a trade mark is a legal entity, and this means that other businesses and individuals will not want to get in the way of this just so that they can steal your logo or company name. There will be legal repercussions for anyone who does try to use your work, and this will deter other businesses much more than you yourself would be able to. Not only this, but the Trademark Office should refuse to register a trade mark for another company that is the same as or too similar to yours, adding another layer of protection.

It is easier to take someone to court: as long as you have your trade mark and have kept renewing it then it is easy to take anyone to court who has tried to use your trade mark. You should be able to get damages and other fees from the other party if you do take them to court.

Advantages to Registering a Trademark in the Republic of Ireland With Coddan

Advantages to Registering a Trade Mark in Ireland

There are many reasons to register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland if you have a business or brand that you are trying to build and make a success. A trademark needs to be registered within the country or countries that it intends to operate in, so if you want to do business in Ireland, your trademark should be registered there.

The easiest way for you to register your trademark is through Coddan, who know the process and are able to provide you with the help you need to get through the process quickly and simply. Some of the advantages of registration of a trademark in the Republic of Ireland are: -

Protecting your company name and branding: creating a company name, logo and branding, and applying this to all of your products in order to build a strong brand can take a long time and cost quite a bit of money. If you don't trademark your company name, logo and branding, someone else could easily move in and steal your name or logo and there is very little you can do about it. Registering a trademark protects your intellectual property.

Protecting your business from the competition: if you haven't registered a trademark for your business, anyone else is free to use your company name and carry out work in that name. This means that if they do a bad job, or consistently behave badly, you could find that your company name is damaged, and that you don't have a leg to stand on legally in order to prove that they are nothing to do with your business.

Building value in your business: potential clients may look up your business, and a registered company with a trademark will seem more official and make a client more comfortable than a company that is not registered. You are basically building the value of your company by registering it and protecting your work with a trademark, ensuring that customers are happier to choose you.

With Coddan, you can achieve all these benefits in the Republic of Ireland, without any stress or fuss. We can take care of the trademark registration process for you, so you can get on with running your business.

Register a Trademark With New Entity Formation in Republic of Ireland

Register a Trademark With New Entity Formation

If you're setting up a new entity in the Republic of Ireland, there's plenty of paperwork to take care of, and the correct documentation has to be lodged to make everything legal. There's a lot to think about at this stage. At Coddan Ltd, we've helped countless clients get properly set up, and our experienced advisers make sure that nothing is overlooked at this vital stage of bringing a new business into the world.

One key area that you can't afford to forget about is to register your trademark in the Republic of Ireland, before you start trading. It means a bit more paperwork, and a few more forms to fill in but fortunately, online trademark registration has helped to simplify matters - as well as speed everything up! It is possible to try and do this part yourself, but it can be a lengthy process, especially if you've no experience in this area.

At Coddan, we know exactly what's required and once we have a copy of your proposed trademark, we can quickly check to see if it sufficiently distinctive from existing trademarks. Getting us to oversee your registration of a trademark in the Republic of Ireland, can save you both time and money.

You already understand the many benefits of setting up a new entity in the Republic of Ireland, but to take full advantage of them, it's important that your assets are fully protected. Your corporate trademark is the image, graphic or logo that makes you different from everyone else. Over time, your trademark becomes your corporate identity and depending on the goods and services you provide, can gain global recognition - so it's worth protecting from the outset.

As authorised trademark registration agents, we'll make sure your application is properly prepared and minimise the risk of it being delayed, or even rejected by the Registrar's office. Once approved, your trademark is valid for a period of ten years, after which it can be renewed indefinitely. To find out how we can help you, or to discuss your proposal in more detail, please contact one of our advisers for a free consultation today.