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The Benefits of Registering a Trade Mark in Ireland

The benefits of registering a trade mark in Ireland

Benefits of Registering a Trade Mark in Ireland

There are many benefits associated with the registration of a trade mark in the Republic of Ireland, which is why so many businesses will trade mark their intellectual property as early as possible. It is not a very complicated process, and is even easier if you work with Coddan in order to register it as quickly and simply as possible, and costs just £600.00 to complete. Here are some of the major benefits of registering a trade mark.

To register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland to protect your work: a company's name and logo are probably their greatest asset. You build your customer base and brand on your logo and limited company name, meaning that if these were to be taken away from you you would have to start again almost at the beginning to rebuild your brand and customers. A trademark protects you from this. With a trade mark you are also able to provide a record of your trade mark so that no other private company can use it and claim ignorance of it, as the trade mark is easily discovered within the Official Journal.

Others should be deterred from using your trade mark: a trade mark is a legal entity, and this means that other businesses and individuals will not want to get in the way of this just so that they can steal your logo or company name. There will be legal repercussions for anyone who does try to use your work, and this will deter other businesses much more than you yourself would be able to. Not only this, but the Trademark Office should refuse to register a trade mark for another company that is the same as or too similar to yours, adding another layer of protection.

It is easier to take someone to court: as long as you have your trade mark and have kept renewing it then it is easy to take anyone to court who has tried to use your trade mark. You should be able to get damages and other fees from the other party if you do take them to court.