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The Trade Mark Registration Process in the Republic of Ireland

The trade mark registration process in the Republic of Ireland

Trade Mark Registration Process in Ireland

Registration of a trade mark in the Republic of Ireland is fairly simple if you know how, but you can make the process easier with the help of Coddan, as we will be able to work on your behalf and with you to get your trade mark registered with the minimum of fuss. If you do want to register a trade mark, it may make you more comfortable to know what the process is, how much it will cost you and so on. Here is some more information about how to register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland.

Fill out our application form: simply enough, the easiest way to register your trade mark is just to fill out an application form with all of the information included about yourself and your trade mark. You will need to include a copy of your mark, which could be a word or an image but does need to be represented graphically, and a list of the goods and services that will come under the mark.

Remember that once the trade mark has been registered you will not be able to change or add to the list of goods and services, so you must be sure of what you are adding.

Submit the application form: you should then submit your application form, at which you will be given a filing date and an application number. These are important, so you should hold onto them until you hear back about your application and whether it has been successful or not. It will take a few weeks for your application to be reviewed, during which time it will be examined to ensure that your mark is original and acceptable.

Await your verdict: your trade mark may be refused, and then you will have the opportunity to argue your case for the mark to be accepted. If it is accepted then your trade mark will be entered into the Official Journal and will then last indefinitely, as long as you continue to renew the registration every 10 years.