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Why Register a Logo in ROI?

Why register a logo in Republic of Ireland?

Why Register a Logo in Republic of Ireland?

A logo, if it is one which fits perfectly with your business and which you feel adds value to your limited company, is a valuable commodity which you will not want to lose. However, without registering your logo, someone else can easily come along and use it for their private company, meaning that they are benefiting from all of the hard work that you have put into your logo and branding. You can register a logo as either a trademark or copyright it, but it may be best to register a trademark in Republic of Ireland to fully protect your logo.

Why choose a trade mark over copyright in Republic of Ireland? If you want to protect your logo properly, you may be better off registering it as a trademark. Registration of a trademark in Republic of Ireland means that it is easier to protect your logo and defend it if it is being used by another company without your permission. Whilst copyright does mean that legally another company cannot use your logo as their own, it is not suitable for any logo which does not have the requisite level of creative input to give it artistic merit, and copyright can also not protect the colours, name or design of the logo. This means that if you have a simple logo (and most businesses do), you may not be able to copyright it anyway.

What are the benefits of registering your logo in Republic of Ireland? Once you have registered your logo as a trademark, no one else will be able to use your logo as their own, or work under your logo without your permission. This helps your business to build and develop under your terms, and prevents an expensive name change or complete rebranding a way down the line.

Once you have build up a successful brand, it can be a death sentence to have to change everything and try to hold onto your customers, proving to them that you are still the same company despite the image change. If you have found a name, logo and branding that work for your company, make sure that you are able to hold onto them. Coddan can help you register a trademark in the Republic of Ireland. Get in touch today for a free consultation.