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We Can Register a UK Trade-Mark Online, UK Trade Mark Registration Costs Only £600!

UK trademark registration services: why UK trademark registration is important? A trademark is one of the most fundamental signs of what a company is; what it does and what it represents. As such, it's a vital marketing and advertising tool and must be protected from the outset so that competitors can't make use of it and profit from the original business idea. The registration of a trademark can be a simple with Coddan, or complex, logo that's stamped on all a company's products and service material, as well as corporate elements and practically everything spread right around the business, from stationery to bills being sent out to customers.

  Register a Trade Mark & or a Logo in the United Kingdom

UK trademark registration achieved by lodging a formal application with the United Kingdom Patent Office. If you have a business entity, and require to register a trade mark or a logo in the United kingdom, we are able to help to register a trademark and/or a logo with the Patent Office. All you need to do is to complete our application form and we will help you to register a trademark in the UK for behalf of your company or an LLP.

Price: £600.00

Register a Trade Mark in UK, Register a UK Trademark Online, Fast Trademark Registration in the UK

A solid trademark is essential to communicate to clients and the wider public, and a must-have in terms of promotion. But a UK trademark is not only a logo. It can be a slogan or corporate maxim, or it might be a certain design that the company produced at the outset of its establishment and which is on all its material. It can even be a set of numbers, or letters.

At Coddan, we can help to register your trademark in the UK so that it's done properly and protects your business and its assets. We have a number of UK trademark registration packages to suit individual needs, and all you need to do is fill out our online application form and we'll do the rest. We'll make the application with the Intellectual Property Office and carry out a search of current UK trademarks to ensure there's no risk that yours might infringe on others'.

When the UK trade mark registration process is complete, we will provide you with a trademark certificate to prove that your trademark is your company's and cannot be used by anyone else. It's important to note that when you're protecting a trademark in the UK by registering it with the Intellectual Property Office that the legal protection provided to it exists only in the UK and not in other countries. Companies and limited liability partnerships operating in the UK might not be trading overseas, but they also might not want their particular trademark used in various countries, particularly regional ones.

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Benefits to Register Your Trade Mark in UK

That's why for some firms, multinationals in particular, it's crucial to register their trademark in a number of countries, and we can do that in many nations, including in the major market that is the United States. Contact us today and get your UK trademark registration under way. Our experienced UK trademark registration consultants are available to answer your queries and will be happy to assist with the registration process.

Register a Trademark Online: Why Register Your Trademark in the UK?

Why Register Your Trademark in the UK

Why register your trademark in the UK? When you first set up a company marketing it can be one of the hardest tasks; particularly in a competitive market place. Making your company stand out by using unique branding can be a strong tool in taking your company forwards. Many companies are now recognisable by their trademark, whether that's a logo or strap line. These trademarks hold strong connotations for customers which are then associated with the quality of the product or the service the companies offered. So after building up your company's brand how would you feel if someone used it to promote their work, potentially damaging your brand and reputation?

Protecting your company by registering a trademark in the UK: the only way to stop this from happening is to register your trademark with the intellectual property office in the UK. That way no one can use your branding if they're in the same sector as yourself. A trademark can incorporate either a logo, company name, business name, or a slogan, or all of them, which is used to recognise the company. It is also possible to trademark distinct services or goods that can also have a UK trademark attached to them to stop other businesses copying an original idea.

Many companies think that by registering their company name their brand is protected, however without a UK registered trademark this is not the case. Once a registered trademark is in place you have the ability to sue anyone that is using your trademark. Any counterfeiters potentially using your brand on illegal goods could also be criminally prosecuted.

The benefits to register a UK trademark: a trademark lasts up to ten years in the UK in the first instance and can then be extended indefinitely. The UK trade mark registration process is not and expensive and time consuming as many think and a trademark can be granted as quickly as four months on a fast tracked application, or six months on a normal application. When your trademark is registered you can be confident in building your brand knowing that it cannot be damaged by other companies using your good name to look for business. A registered trademark also means you are able to use the "®" logo giving customers an added confidence in your company.

A company with a strong brand can save hundreds or thousands of pounds in marketing every year because the logo or slogan does this for the company on its own merit - particularly if it's recognisable in its own right without your company name attached. Investors will look at this more favourably and franchising and merging businesses together will give more clarity in terms of where both parties stand.

Register a Trademark and Logo Online: Why Register a Logo in the UK?

Why Register a Logo in the UK

Why register a logo in the UK? As a company is represented at the most basic level by its logo, on its products, advertising and elsewhere, registering the logo and having it protected are critical to ensuring success. If you're doing business in the UK and you haven't registered your logo, you're putting yourself at risk. With no legal protection, any other company can register the logo that you have designed and start using it, with the full backing of the law. This could prove perilous to your operations as products or services similar to yours could be sold by a competitor who is legally using your logo.

It's therefore essential that when a company starts out in business, by forming their company, they also register their logo so that it's fully protected and is only theirs to use. Here at Coddan we can register your logo in the UK, so that you get this important level of trade protection and don't have to worry about someone else using it.

At the outset of the process of applying for logo protection, we will carry out a comprehensive check on the trademark register to make sure the proposed logo is not already in use, or even something similar to it that could cause your application to be rejected by the Intellectual Property Office.

The process of approval, or rejection, at the Intellectual Property Office can be lengthy, as there are a number of detailed steps that are necessary to secure a logo for just one company. Detailed descriptions of what type of products or services are to be associated with the logo are required, and the office will take time to examine the application to see if it meets certain criteria.

If the office decides that the logo meets the standards for approval, it is then published in the Trade Marks Journal, which appears every Friday and third parties can scrutinise new applications and issue any objections. If there are no objections, approval of the new logo may be given in around three months.

If after that time your application is successful, your logo will be protected by copyright, and anyone trying to use it or something like it can justifiably be sued. Contact us today and we'll be pleased to discuss your logo and how it can be protected in the UK. We have many years' experience helping thousands of clients all around the country to safeguard their individual logos.

UK Trade Mark Registration: Benefits of Registering a Trademark in the UK

Benefits of Registering a Trademark in the UK

Benefits of registering a trademark in the UK: when you register your company trademark in the UK, no one else in the country is permitted to use it in delivering products or services. This is a vital element in ensuring your company's success in the marketplace, and singles you out as the sole provider of goods and services under your trademark.

Many companies who have successfully registered their trademark in the UK place the ® symbol beside it wherever it appears. This has the function of informing everyone that the trademark – whether it's a slogan, logo or something else – has in fact been registered and is therefore protected by law. It effectively warns people against using it, as well as inspiring confidence in customers that you are the real thing.

Another benefit of registering a trademark is in the war against counterfeiting; the seemingly unstoppable problem of copying a company's products but one that firms can take action against if they have registered their trademark. This helps to guard against lost sales, and lower profits. Criminal charges can be brought against counterfeiters who are using your trademark without your permission, and copying your products.

If you register your trademark in the UK, it is then your intellectual property, and you also get the benefit of being able to licence, sell or franchise it to other firms. This enables greater levels of sales across wider markets, thereby helping to boost your company's bottom line.

In business, the risks of not registering a trademark are real. Another firm can easily use it without your permission and while you can try to stop them, by proving that the trademark is yours and you've used it for a long time, such action is often difficult and can be extremely costly. Therefore, it pays in business to prevent any possible disruptions to operations before they arise, and although registering a trademark may take some time, it's far better to do it now than deal with trouble down the road.

At Coddan, we have a straightforward application system that's simple and easy to use. Just fill in your details and provide us with a sample of your trademark, and we'll do the rest. We'll check that yours is not already in use, and then file an application with the Intellectual Property Office. If all goes well, you'll have your certificate of trademark and be fully backed up by the law in your sole usage of your trademark. Contact us today and get your UK trademark registration started.

Advantages to Registering a Trademark in the UK With Coddan

Advantages to Registering a Trademark

Advantages to registering a trademark in the UK with Coddan: don't give competitors the advantage by allowing them to use your name or copy your products and services. Registering a UK trademark is the way to prevent this and to see your business acumen properly rewarded in the future. Setting up your own company and registering a trademark is an exciting step, but it also calls for a cool head and clear thinking as you weigh up the various tasks and responsibilities involved.

You must have a limited company or an LLP before you can register a trademark, so your first step is to register your company with Companies House, requiring a memorandum and articles of association detailing your UK address, your directors and company activities.

Acting alone is time consuming if you lack legal or accountancy expertise. Far better normally to use a UK company formation service, where you have the peace of mind of knowing that all the details have been thought through and everything is prepared professionally. Coddan offers years of experience and professionalism at extremely competitive fee rates, with a full range of business advice to deal with any situation.

Coddan offers a wide selection of fixed-price business packages where there are no hidden fees or charges. Our basic service starts at just £89.49, covering company formation with a registered address in London and a trademark assigned to this company. You will be able to rely on a fully compliant company status, with memorandum and articles of association, including nominee directors and nominee shareholders if required.

A registered trademark shows that your product or service is unique and is therefore a valuable commodity. Get sound advice from the experts at Coddan to ensure that you fully demonstrate the unique qualities of your product or service and are aware of what your competitors are offering. This will ensure a smooth registration process without the risk of wasting your time and fee.

We offer a range of trademark registration services that meet the most complex and demanding business situation. At its most comprehensive, our service includes all the steps from company incorporation to an application to the UK Patent Office. This would include handling all the complex steps of a full search of competitor trademarks with the IPO, a company registration with a registered address in the UK, the trademark registration fee and a delivered copy of your own unique trademark registration certificate. Initial advice by phone or email is completely free, so contact us today.

What Can Stop a UK Trademark Being Registered?

What Can Stop a UK Trademark Being Registered

What can stop a UK trademark being registered? There are two broad categories of reasons for a UK trademark application to be rejected. Absolute grounds for refusal relate to the nature of the trademark itself, while relative grounds relate to its similarity to other trademarks.

In the absolute category are grounds such as the trademark being against accepted principles of morality or against public policy. It could also be rejected for being devoid of any distinctive character or for being of a character that will deceive the public about the nature of the product. Deceptive trademarks could give an inaccurate impression of where the product was made or of the general nature and quality of the product.

Another absolute grounds for refusal is when the trademark being applied for denotes the shape of the goods. It is also not possible to trademark a shape that gives value to goods or one that the goods must conform to in order to achieve a technical result.

Relative grounds for refusal include the trademark being applied for being identical to a previously registered trademark used for identical goods or services. An application can also be refused if the earlier trademark or the goods or services to which it applies are merely similar, but where there could be confusion amongst customers.

Another relative grounds for refusal is where the earlier trademark is identical or similar, the goods to which it applies are not similar but the use of the trademark being applied for would accrue unfair advantage due to the reputation of the earlier trademark. An application can also be refused in cases of similar trademarks relating to dissimilar goods or services when the use of the later trademark could unfairly damage the reputation or the distinctive character of the earlier trademark.

Relative grounds for refusal can also involve unregistered trademarks where these are subject to some form of legal protection. For example, the law of passing off can provide protection to trademarks or signs used in the course of trading. The laws relating to copyright, registered designs and design rights can also prevent an application for a trademark being granted when the trademark would violate previous rights given by these laws. For Community Trademarks (i.e. those issued by the EU), only absolute grounds for refusal are considered when the trademark application is submitted. People who believe that the trademark violates their rights may appeal at a later stage.

Trademark Registration Process in the UK

Trademark Registration Process in the UK

Registering a trademark in the UK can take some time, but it's a powerful way to protect your limited company or a partnership and its precious assets. When completed, only you can use the trademark in the UK, and it lasts for 10 years but is renewable. We have simplified the process of registering a trademark by designing a number of packages to suit various firms' requirements, and allowing the application to be done online. First of all, you have to determine if it's possible to register your proposed trademark. It must apply only to the specific goods or services that your company provides, and they must be distinctive from others'.

The various disqualifying factors for trademark registration include those that contain descriptions of good and services, trademarks that are three dimensional in shape or that have protected emblems such as official signs, and those that are offensive or encourage illegal behavior.

Once we receive your application, including a sample of your trademark, which can be included with your online application or sent by email, we'll get to work. We will first check that your trademark is not already in use, as this would render your application invalid. It's important to carry out this first step because if it's not done and we submit an application, it can take several months before a rejection is issued, costing valuable time and money.

If your trademark is not already in existence and being used by another firm, we will go ahead with the process and file an application to register it with the Intellectual Property Office. They will examine the trademark to make sure it meets stringent criteria, and if it does they will then publish it in the weekly Trade Marks Journal. This is so that other people can see the trademark and issue any objections to its use.

If no objections are received by the Intellectual Property Office, it will approve the trademark in about three months' time, and you will receive a certificate of trademark to prove that it's yours. This document is important in cases where disputes arise over the use of a trademark, particularly in relation to counterfeiting.

At Coddan, we are experts in handling trademark registration in the UK, and have many years' experience helping thousands of clients around the country. Get in touch with us today and let us help you to register and protect your trademark.

Our Experience With Trademark Registration in the UK

Our Experience With Trademark Registration in the UK

For any brand name, logo or slogan used with any product or service you have, the identity should be protected. By legally registering the trademark it will help safeguard your commercial advantage and market position. At Coddan we have a great deal of experience helping small businesses with trademark applications. Because this is an area we specialise in we have a thorough knowledge of the possible scenarios facing your company.

Possessing a UK trademark is the cheapest and quickest way to get hold of monopoly rights, and it can be obtained in under four months. This will provide instant evidence of your ownership of the company brand, preventing others having unlicensed use of your business name, logo or similar.

While common law does recognise unregistered rights it is very difficult to prove a name or image belongs to a claimant. While there are instances where a brand is heavily advertised throughout the UK it will still take a few years to gather the sufficient rights, which need to be backed up with evidence. Some of our previous clients have found these cases to be extremely time-consuming.

You will mainly benefit in two important ways by registering your UK trademark. It means you can continue to use your trademark, while also stopping your rivals from using an identical or very alike trademark to confuse customers when offering similar products or services. In past occasions we have had customers who have had unscrupulous third parties take away the trademark for their brand. This is why it is so important to complete your trademark application as soon as possible.

There are certain criteria your trademark must fulfil if you wish to complete registration, which will be assessed by the UK Intellectual Property Office. Your potential brand name needs to be distinctive but not a description of the service or goods the trademark is sought for. The application must be unique and not conflict with other registrations or pending requests. Also the name cannot be generic or customary in the area of business it is necessary for. If your registration documents satisfy the above requirements then your company should be able to acquire the trademark.

Don't forget that your brand is one of the most important aspects of your business. At Coddan we can help to protect your company, by registering UK trademarks. Feel free to contact us for further information.

The 5 Steps to Registering a UK Trademark For an Existing Business

Steps to Registering a UK Trademark

A trademark is an essential business asset and it is important that you register your trademark through the proper legal channels. When you register your trademark, you effectively take ownership of it and anything else that may be unique to your business.

1. Choosing a trademark for your business, product or service. A business can have one trademark or it may have many different trademarks. Before you go ahead with the registration process you need to decide on the type of trademark you would like to register. There are certain rules regarding the type of trademark you can use. For example, you cannot use a trademark to describe the service or product you provide directly. That means "great window cleaner" or "best mobile phones" are out. Your trademark must not mislead in any way and cannot conflict with a trademark that is already registered by another business or individual.

2. Complying with legal trademark definition regulations. Before a trademark can be registered legally, it needs to comply with the 1994 Trademarks Act. These regulations state that a trademark must be a sign that represents your business, goods or services in a graphical way.

3. Which class will your trademark be registered in? There are 45 trademark classes covering services and goods so you will need to decide which class is most relevant to your trademark.

4. Conduct a trademark search. Before you can register a trademark as your own, you need to carry out a full trademark search to ensure nobody else has a right over the trademark or a similar mark. Once you have determined that nobody else has registered their trademark in the UK or on the European Community Trade Registers, you can move on to filing your trademark.

5. Filing your trademark. Once your trademark has been deemed as being registrable, your trademark can be published in the Trade Marks Journal. Unfortunately, somebody could still oppose your trademark so you will need to wait for three months before it can be fully registered. If in that time nobody opposes your trademark you will receive a certificate declaring formal registration.

How Coddan can help with the trademark registration process? We have years of experience in trademark registration in the UK and would be delighted to help you to file your trademark for your goods or services. We can also help with oppositions and other legal matters relating to the registration of your trademark and can give you professional advice on any aspect of the registration process. Call or email us today for more information.

Register a UK Trademark With New Entity Formation

Register a UK Trademark With New Entity Formation

An effective trademark is vital for any business with a wide reach in the UK, and it is a legal deterrent for any third party that is considering using a brand, image or slogan without the permission of the rightful owner. In order to obtain this level of protection, it is necessary to submit a trademark application to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and this is a government-backed organisation that has the power to approve and decline submissions as they see fit. The team of business specialists at Coddan Ltd have many years of experience when it comes to dealing with the IPO registration, and they can assist new business owners when they need a trademark to be registered.

In a manner that is similar to any government process, there are a number of rules and regulations that need to be followed to the absolute letter of the law – this collection of requirements is something that Coddan Ltd specialists monitor on a daily basis. There is one overall requirement for any new business that needs to submit a UK trademark registration, and this relates to the need for evidence that they are the rightful owner of the term or logo that is in question. In addition to this, any potential applicant also needs to be able to show that they are a legal business entity.

This need for an established business presence is where Coddan Ltd use their experience to get things up and running for a company. We suggest that all new business owners apply for the formation of a limited company, a limited partnership, or a limited liability partnership – this will ensure that your business name appears in the official records that are kept at Companies House. Once a company is present on this legally-binding register, it is then possible to prove to the IPO that there is a genuine legal need for the trademark to be registered.

This formation can therefore be a vital step in the registration of a trademark for new companies, and it forms just a small part of the entire range of business solutions that can be provided by Coddan Ltd - you may find it useful to browse through our website to see how we can really give your business a head-start. To find out more, our team of experienced specialists can be contacted on +44 (0) 330 808 0089 or +44 (0) 207 935 5171, and emails can be sent to info@ukincorp.co.uk.