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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Trademark Registration Register Your Trade Mark or Logo in the UK

Register Your Trade Mark or Logo in the UK

UK trademark registration services: why a trademark registration is important? A trade mark is one of the most fundamental signs of what a company is; what it does and what it represents. As such, it's a vital marketing and advertising tool and must be protected from the outset so that competitors can't make use of it and profit from the original business idea. The registration of a trademark can be a simple with Coddan, or complex, logo that's stamped on all a company's products and service material, as well as corporate elements and practically everything spread right around the business, from stationery to bills being sent out to customers.

  Register a Trade Mark & or a Logo in the United Kingdom

UK trademark registration achieved by lodging a formal application with the United Kingdom Patent Office. If you have a business entity, and require to register a trade mark or a logo in the United kingdom, we are able to help to register a trademark and/or a logo with the Patent Office. All you need to do is to complete our application form and we will help you to register a trademark in the UK for behalf of your company or an LLP.

Price: £600.00

Trade mark ragistration in Great Britain

A solid trademark is essential to communicate to clients and the wider public, and a must-have in terms of promotion. But a UK trademark is not only a logo. It can be a slogan or corporate maxim, or it might be a certain design that the company produced at the outset of its establishment and which is on all its material. It can even be a set of numbers, or letters.

At Coddan, we can help to register your trademark in the UK so that it's done properly and protects your business and its assets. We have a number of UK trademark registration packages to suit individual needs, and all you need to do is fill out our online application form and we'll do the rest. We'll make the application with the Intellectual Property Office and carry out a search of current UK trademarks to ensure there's no risk that yours might infringe on others'.

When the UK trade mark registration process is complete, we will provide you with a trademark certificate to prove that your trademark is your company's and cannot be used by anyone else. It's important to note that when you're protecting a trademark in the UK by registering it with the Intellectual Property Office that the legal protection provided to it exists only in the UK and not in other countries. Companies and limited liability partnerships operating in the UK might not be trading overseas, but they also might not want their particular trademark used in various countries, particularly regional ones.

Protecting your trademark, logo and intellectual property in the UK

Benefits to Register Your Trade Mark in UK

That's why for some firms, multinationals in particular, it's crucial to register their trademark in a number of countries, and we can do that in many nations, including in the major market that is the United Kingdom. Contact us today and get your trademark registration under way. Our experienced consultants are available to answer your queries and will be happy to assist with the registration process.

Why to register your trademark in the UK?

Why Register Your Trademark in the UK

When you first set up a private company marketing it can be one of the hardest tasks; particularly in a competitive market place. Making your company stand out by using unique branding can be a strong tool in taking your company forwards. Many firms are now recognisable by their trademark, whether that's a logo or strap line. These trademarks hold strong connotations for customers which are then associated with the quality of the product or the service the companies offered. So after building up your company's brand how would you feel if someone used it to promote their work, potentially damaging your brand and reputation?

Protecting your company by registering a trademark in the UK: the only way to stop this from happening is to register your trademark with the intellectual property office in the UK. That way no one can use your branding if they're in the same sector as yourself. A trademark can incorporate either a logo, limited company name, business name, or a slogan, or all of them, which is used to recognise the company. It is also possible to trademark distinct services or goods that can also have a UK trademark attached to them to stop other businesses copying an original idea.

Many companies think that by registering their company name their brand is protected, however without a UK registered trademark this is not the case. Once a registered trademark is in place you have the ability to sue anyone that is using your trademark. Any counterfeiters potentially using your brand on illegal goods could also be criminally prosecuted.

The benefits to register a UK trademark: a trademark lasts up to ten years in the UK in the first instance and can then be extended indefinitely. The UK trade mark registration process is not and expensive and time consuming as many think and a trademark can be granted as quickly as four months on a fast tracked application, or six months on a normal application. When your trademark is registered you can be confident in building your brand knowing that it cannot be damaged by other companies using your good name to look for business. A registered trademark also means you are able to use the "®" logo giving customers an added confidence in your company.

A company with a strong brand can save hundreds or thousands of pounds in marketing every year because the logo or slogan does this for the company on its own merit - particularly if it's recognisable in its own right without your company name attached. Investors will look at this more favourably and franchising and merging businesses together will give more clarity in terms of where both parties stand.