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Why to Register a Logo or a Brand in the UK?

Why to register a logo in the UK?

Why Register a Logo in the UK

Why register a logo in the UK? As a limited company is represented at the most basic level by its logo, on its products, advertising and elsewhere, registering the logo and having it protected are critical to ensuring success. If you're doing business in the UK and you haven't registered your logo, you're putting yourself at risk. With no legal protection, any other private company can register the logo that you have designed and start using it, with the full backing of the law. This could prove perilous to your operations as products or services similar to yours could be sold by a competitor who is legally using your logo.

It's therefore essential that when a company starts out in business, by forming their company, they also register their logo so that it's fully protected and is only theirs to use. Here at Coddan we can register your logo in the UK, so that you get this important level of trade protection and don't have to worry about someone else using it.

At the outset of the process of applying for logo protection, we will carry out a comprehensive check on the trademark register to make sure the proposed logo is not already in use, or even something similar to it that could cause your application to be rejected by the Intellectual Property Office.

The process of approval, or rejection, at the Intellectual Property Office can be lengthy, as there are a number of detailed steps that are necessary to secure a logo for just one company. Detailed descriptions of what type of products or services are to be associated with the logo are required, and the office will take time to examine the application to see if it meets certain criteria.

If the office decides that the logo meets the standards for approval, it is then published in the Trade Marks Journal, which appears every Friday and third parties can scrutinise new applications and issue any objections. If there are no objections, approval of the new logo may be given in around three months.

If after that time your application is successful, your logo will be protected by copyright, and anyone trying to use it or something like it can justifiably be sued. Contact us today and we'll be pleased to discuss your logo and how it can be protected in the UK. We have many years' experience helping thousands of clients all around the country to safeguard their individual logos.