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Trademark Registration Process in the UK

Trade mark registration process in the UK

Trademark Registration Process in the UK

Registering a trademark in the UK can take some time, but it's a powerful way to protect your private company or a limited liability partnership and its precious assets. When completed, only you can use the trademark in the UK, and it lasts for 10 years but is renewable. We have simplified the process of registering a trademark by designing a number of packages to suit various firms' requirements, and allowing the application to be done online. First of all, you have to determine if it's possible to register your proposed trademark. It must apply only to the specific goods or services that your limited company provides, and they must be distinctive from others'.

The various disqualifying factors for trademark registration include those that contain descriptions of good and services, trademarks that are three dimensional in shape or that have protected emblems such as official signs, and those that are offensive or encourage illegal behavior.

Once we receive your application, including a sample of your trademark, which can be included with your online application or sent by email, we'll get to work. We will first check that your trademark is not already in use, as this would render your application invalid. It's important to carry out this first step because if it's not done and we submit an application, it can take several months before a rejection is issued, costing valuable time and money.

If your trademark is not already in existence and being used by another firm, we will go ahead with the process and file an application to register it with the Intellectual Property Office. They will examine the trademark to make sure it meets stringent criteria, and if it does they will then publish it in the weekly Trade Marks Journal. This is so that other people can see the trademark and issue any objections to its use.

If no objections are received by the Intellectual Property Office, it will approve the trademark in about three months' time, and you will receive a certificate of trademark to prove that it's yours. This document is important in cases where disputes arise over the use of a trademark, particularly in relation to counterfeiting.

At Coddan, we are experts in handling trademark registration, and have many years' experience helping thousands of clients around the country. Get in touch with us today and let us help you to register and protect your trademark.