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Register a Trademark in the USA With a New Company Formation

Register a trademark in the USA with a new entity formation

Register American Trademark

The law in England and Wales in regards to many things is very different from that of the USA, so it is important that if you are doing business in the country that your business has been based on expert knowledge and understanding of USA requirements and the relevant national laws, federal laws, state laws and also taxation rules.

One of the most confusing areas of the law this side of the Atlantic and the other is that regarding trademarks and intellectual property protections. If you have a product, service or brand you want to protect then we can help register a federal or state trademark to ensure you have the correct protections in place.

One of the best ways to protect that brand is by establishing a limited company in the United States of America along with your trademark. We can help and finalise incorporation of a corporation or limited liability private company in the USA in such states as Delaware, Oregon, Arkansas, Florida, New York, California, and Nevada. With a US company established you can then register your trademark via the USPTO trademark office. Our services including annual maintenance.

Incorporating a new entity in the USA can actually be straightforward with our simple procedures designed to help you understand the process in forming a new company in the USA. We can register a corporation in any almost any state of the US and use our experts of the relevant laws to make sure everything is done correctly.

We can also offer assistance with the running of your newly established US company with annual maintenance provided by a registered expert in the State of incorporation, so we can help relevant taxes and so on.

We operate in a global marketplace and you do too. By registering your trademark using our USA registration service, you can safely invest in your brand marketing and business development in the knowledge that nobody else can legally take advantage of the identity and goodwill associated with the brand that you have protected. Once trademark protected that doesn't mean others can't use your name but it does mean if they do, they have to pay you for it. That means you could then licence rights to use the name to a third party and effectively earn money from the actions of others so you can focus on running your business.

Don't leave things to chance, use experts and get the protection you deserve.