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Get to Obtain (UK) Business Formation Trademark Registration Register Your Trade Mark or Logo in USA Our Experience With the States and Federal Trademark Registration in the USA

Our Experience With the States and Federal Trademark Registration in the USA

Our experience with the States and Federal trademark registration in America

Federal Trademark Registration

If you are hoping to register a trademark in the USA but aren't sure where to start, we at Coddan can help to guide you through the process and make the application on your behalf, meaning that your business's chosen trademark is far more likely to be approved than had you applied without help.

The best way to be sure that your application to register a business trademark in the USA is successful is to be guided through the process by experienced professionals. Here at Coddan we have been working on trademark registration, both in the USA and abroad, for over twenty years.

Formed in 1993, our team of lawyers and legal advisers have a wealth of knowledge and in depth understanding of the trademark registration process, and of the reasons that your application may not be successful. If you've applied previously, and had your application rejected, Coddan can talk you through what changes to make and what details to include to be more likely to successfully register your trademark. Key points to consider before you begin the process to register a business trademark are to: -

1. Check that no other companies have registered the same name, providing the same products and services.

2. Check that the domain name that matches your chosen trademark are available.

3. Make sure that your name is unique and memorable.

4. Consider what classes you want to register the trademark under.

5. Bear in mind that you may want to expand in the future - and may need to register now for other classes to cover this expansion; you cannot add further classes to an existing registered trademark and they are renewed every ten years, so it makes sense to register for the relevant classes from the beginning even if the business isn't yet ready to trade in all those areas.

6. Ensure that the business name is not the same as, or too similar to, others in the same area, or famous brands. Similar doesn't just mean the same name; it also means similar sounding names, similar looking names, and names with a concept too close to an existing brand.

7. Make sure that the name you're thinking of isn't too descriptive - you cannot call a limited company anything too literal, or register a name that simply explains what the company does (for example you can't call a dog walking private company "The Dog Walking Company").