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Annual Obligations for a Foreign Trust & Managed Trust Company

Annual obligations for a foreign trust and managed trust company

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Annual obligations for a foreign trust and managed trust company: fulfilling annual reporting obligations can be challenging for many businesses, particularly when they operate trans-nationally and have a number of interests which result in a complex set of financial circumstances. Fortunately should you chose to adopt a foreign trust and managed trust company format as your preferred corporate structure, reporting requirements are not particularly onerous. Find out below what the main requirements are and discover how we can provide able assistance every step of the way. If you are concerned about meeting statutory obligations, why not benefit from a no-cost consultation with us to discuss how we might be able to help?

Tax returns - most foreign trust and managed trust limited company organisations are required to submit annual tax returns, even if none of their income or assets are UK based. Although trust taxation is a complex area, generally tax is only payable on profits made in the United Kingdom, or local property acquisitions. If you are concerned about any aspect of the tax return process, we can not only undertake the relevant paperwork on your behalf, we can also provide contact details and a valid postal address as a point of contact for any official enquiries. To find out more, take advantage of the free consultation on offer.

Annual reports and statements - the directors and owners of a private company will obviously want to be kept informed of its progress, and the foreign trust which owns a managed trust company should not be an exception. We can provide comprehensive annual reports and assist in the preparation of financial statements for your organisation which will give a reassuring picture of your business success. All transactions with us can be conducted online, which is helpful for entrepreneurs who find that geography and time differences make face-to-face or phone interactions difficult.

Due to the involved nature of the law which surrounds foreign trust establishment and administration, it's important to seek expert assistance to ensure that you're clear on what's required annually. Coddan Formations Agency can provide the help you need, so why not contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation?