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Forming a UK Foreign Trust for Overseas Investors

Setting up a foreign trust in the UK for overseas investors

Establishing a UK Trust

Setting up a foreign trust for overseas investors via a company registration agent - a foreign trust can be a very tax efficient way to do business in the United Kingdom for overseas investors and Coddan Formations Agency can help you set up your trust quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide free consultation, appoint a UK citizen as your nominated trustee and even register another limited company as the managed trust company that can then act as the trustee and limit the legal liability for your affairs in the Great Britain.

A foreign trust allows you to hold assets in trust that are then protected by British law, which affords protection from creditors, a spouse or even foreign government agencies. You can trade in the United Kingdom through your corporate trustee and even do so anonymously if you so choose, so managed trust company registration is an attractive proposition for many clients. You can even use the trust start up to carry out international operations and do business with any jurisdiction in the world.

There are several ways to structure a foreign trust. You can simply be the settlor, with a third person nominated as the beneficiary. We can register a UK trust management private company (we can establish a private company limited by guarantee or a private company limited by shares as the trust management company) in the name of an appointed British citizen or even set up a limited company with the foreign trust as the main shareholder. In every case, we can help organise a bank account in the trust's name and get you trading as fast as possible.

A well-structured foreign trust offers 0% United Kingdom taxation on all foreign-sourced income. That means managed trust company registration can be an ideal vehicle for international businesses or simply high net worth individuals looking to protect assets or expand their operations.

Whatever your specific needs, we can help with free consultation sourcing nominees and with ever other stage of your managed trust company registration. So if you are an overseas investor and want to take advantage of this tax-efficient, convenient and anonymous way of doing business in the United Kingdom, get in touch today and let us guide you through the maze of managed trust company establishment.