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Tax and Legal Advantages of Setting Up Foreign Trust

Tax and legal advantages of setting up a foreign trust with managed trust company

Setting Up a UK Foreign Trust

Tax and legal advantages of setting up a foreign trust with managed trust company - many business owners find that traditional structures such as limited liability companies aren't suited to their long term objectives. Particularly where there is a need to assure continued security of assets and prevent depredations from creditors, government agencies or other bodies, the establishment of a foreign trust with managed trust limited company can provide an ideal solution. Take a look at some of the main advantages of adopting this structure, or why not request a free consultation to discuss your individual needs in more depth?

Tax benefits - any assets or income lodged within a foreign trust with managed trust private company is legally protected from UK taxation, provided the monies have been accrued outside of the United Kingdom. Especially if you are a foreign investor, or an ex-pat who has made their money abroad, the foreign trust structure is an ideal vehicle for ensuring that your wealth is safe from the Great Britain tax man! If you have both British and foreign assets, or a complex financial situation, it's always worth asking for a no-obligation advice session with Coddan Formations Agency to see what options are on offer.

Legal benefits - once the foreign trust with managed trust company has been registered, there are relatively few regulatory and reporting requirements which accompany its management. Assets are tightly protected by a strong legal framework and the organisation can undertake trading and acquisition activities both in the UK and abroad. Trusts can be individually tailored to the specific requirements of your situation, ranging in complexity from simple structures to multi-national operations with numerous trading activities and a diverse asset base.

Coddan Formations Agency can assist with everything from giving free advice on the type of trust structure which might be most suitable for your circumstances to ensuring that the necessary legal and fiscal requirements and regulations are met. If necessary we can undertake on-going maintenance and management of your financial affairs, providing an efficient service whilst ensuring your anonymity and protecting your privacy. Why not contact us for a free consultation on safeguarding your wealth through a foreign trust cretion with managed trust company registration?