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Why Choose Us to Forming a Foreign Trust and Managed Trust Company

Why choose us to create a foreign trust and managed trust company

Create a UK Foreign Trust

Why choose us to create a foreign trust and managed trust company: forming a foreign trust and managed trust limited company can be a complicated process which it is vital to get right in order to safeguard precious capital and assets. Done correctly, the combination of trust and a private company has the potential to ensure that monies are exempt from taxation and that your organisation can continue to pursue both foreign and domestic acquisitions and trade without undue regulation.

Using a reputable and dependable organisation to assist in setting up and maintaining the appropriate corporate vehicle for your circumstances is vital to sustainable success, which is why a growing number of entrepreneurs are turning to Coddan Formations Agency to assist with the corporate structure from inception through to on-going maintenance. Take a look at some reasons why Coddan is the right company for your needs.

Plenty of experience - whether you have a fairly simple financial situation or have multiple holdings in several different countries, Coddan has the expertise and experience to construct a combination of foreign trust formation and managed trust company registration which will work to your advantage. Specialising in organisations with complex and challenging requirements, Coddan Formations Agency works swiftly and competently to achieve the correct corporate set-up. Why not contact us to see how we can help?

Privacy assured - many business owners value their privacy and wish to operate outside of the public eye. Perhaps they don't want competitors to know about a new venture, or don't wish to be bothered by onerous requests for information. In addition to ensuring client confidentiality at all times, Coddan can supply everything from trustees to nominated officers, ensuring you are able to satisfy relevant reporting or registration requirements without compromising your precious anonymity. If discreet activity is important to you, take advantage of a free consultation with Coddan to determine what measures they can provide.

Quick, confidential and convenient, Coddan's combination of swift online working and diverse expertise in company registration, incorporation and administration helps ensure that your organisation gets off to the right start, optimising its chances of continued success. To find out more, get in touch with Coddan Formations Agency for a no-cost consultation.