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Why to Create a Trust in the United Kingdom?

Why to create a trust in the United Kingdom?

Benefits of UK Foreign Trust Formation

Why to create a trust in the United Kingdom? Benefits of foreign trust creation - for many entrepreneurs or those with foreign holdings as well as an attachment to the United Kingdom, Foreign trusts offer a number of advantages over more traditional financial structures. Not only do foreign trusts enable settlors to enjoy considerable tax benefits and asset protection, they are also flexible vehicles which allow corporate trustees to maximise their profitability through trade or acquisitions. Find out below three key benefits of the foreign trust format, or contact Coddan Formations Agency directly for a free discussion of how your financial affairs might benefit from this type of corporate structure.

Versatility - rather than being limited in the scope of its activities, a foreign trust, particularly if they opt to own a trust private company, can operate in much the same way as any other organisation, but without the tax liability and vulnerability which a straight-forward incorporated limited company can attract. Ensuring that your trust is correctly configured for your needs can be a challenge, which is why a significant number of business owners look to Coddan for specialist assistance and a tailored solution. Why not take advantage of their free consultation service to learn more?

Anonymity - if you're a person that values their anonymity and doesn't want to see their name bandied about on registration documents, ownership papers or on publically accessible registers, then a foreign trust creation can work well. When required Coddan Formations Agency can provide nominated trustees and appropriate contact information, preserving your privacy and protecting your business activities from prying eyes.

Protection and tax relief - once monies and assets are safely tied up in a foreign trust, robust law protects them from creditors, maintenance requests and demands from government agencies. Monies earned outside the UK are exempt from taxation in most cases. If these issues are of concern to you, use Coddan's offer of a free discussion to see how we are able to help. With so many benefits it's unsurprising that foreign trust creation is an increasingly popular financial solution. Why not contact Coddan Formations Agency for a no-cost appointment to see how we might be able to assist?