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Liability Aspect of Charitable Trust Company Incorporation

The liability aspect of charitable trust company incorporation

Startup a Charitable Trust Company

The liability aspect of charitable trust company incorporation: particularly when time is an important factor in incorporating a charitable trust company, the question of liability can be one that is easily overlooked. Unfortunately, without the right corporate structure in place, trustees could end up responsible for any liability that the organisation incurs, even if it is not their decision making that has led to the liability.

Obtaining the right advice for suitable charitable trust company incorporation is essential to get the company set-up right, which is where we can help. Take a look at the services we provide at Coddan Formations Agency to new and emerging charitable trusts across the country.

Picking the right structure: the most common way for a business to avoid liability is to set it up as a charitable incorporated organisation. Company limited by guarantee incorporation confirms the status of the business as a separate entity, with responsibility for its own liabilities and assets. This legal separation gives trustees and other interested parties the freedom to act in the charity's best interests without concern that their homes or personal assets will be put at risk should things go wrong. By becoming incorporated, a charitable trust can own assets, provide services and enter into contracts with other companies in a way that isn't so easy with other business forms.

Prompt, expert service: we can provide everything you need to get your charitable trust company incorporation off to a good start, quickly and easily. From assistance with writing your corporate aims and objectives through to production of the governing document and provision of appropriate contact details, we can oversee the whole process to ensure your charitable trust is swiftly up and running. If necessary, we can even open a suitable bank account and perform on-going administrative tasks, freeing you up to undertake other projects.

Selecting the right corporate structure and making sure that everything is in place to give the charitable trust the best chance of success is absolutely vital. With a wealth of experience in corporate incorporation both in the United Kingdom and overseas, our rapid, convenient service maximises the chances of charitable trust success.