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UK charitable trust company formation from £239.49, simple charitable trust company registration in London!

The benefits of using us to create a charitable trust company

Establishing Charitable Trust Company

The benefits of using us to create a charitable trust company: when you're thinking about creating a charitable trust company, it's always advisable to get expert advice at the outset and then professional assistance to register the new entity. That's where Coddan Formations Agency comes in, with quality incorporationservices you can trust.

When you want to create a charitable trust company in England and Wales, for example, you'll have to show what the purpose of your charitable organisation will be and how the public will stand to benefit from it. A number of types of charitable purpose are allowed in registering a trust - from education to poverty-relief and others – and Coddan Formations Agency can help you to work out which kind best suits your needs.

In creating a charitable trust company, its aims must be approved by Companies House, the government body responsible for charitable trust companies creation, and we can assist in the process to make sure it's done right. All you really need to do is choose one of our charity registration packages, which you'll find are priced extremely competitively, and fill out our online application form. There, you can list all the details of your proposed charity, including its trustees, secretary and members.

When registration is complete - it can take less than 24 hours from the time we receive an application - we will provide you with all the official documentation you need, including the certificate of incorporation and charity memorandum and articles of association. At this stage we can offer you a free introduction to some of the leading banks so you can open a corporate bank account.

We're also pleased to offer a range of post-formation services that will keep your charity trust company in full compliance with the law. Although charities have tax-free status, there are still annual requirements that must be met or penalties might be imposed. These include filing an annual return and accounts, and we can do this for you as well as handling your general bookkeeping and accounting. To create a charitable trust company the professional way, get in touch with Coddan Formations Agency today and our expert advisors will be pleased to assist.