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Provision of a registered address for a charitable trust company set up

Registering Charitable Trust Company

Provision of a registered address for a charitable trust company set up: many people considering charitable trust company set up find that some of the necessary information that is required for successful registration can be troublesome to provide. One requirement that presents considerable difficulties is the need to give a valid postal address. There are a number of valid reasons why some charitable trusts will find this difficult to comply with – perhaps the venture is being run from a residential address that the owners would prefer kept private, or maybe key individuals involved in running the enterprise live abroad, often in locations that make it difficult for documentation to reach them.

Luckily, there is a straight-forward solution to this problem that allows individuals to complete the charitable trust company setting up process, including the provision of a suitable registered office address, with minimal effort.

Employ an intermediary: our organisation specialises in providing fast, successful business incorporation and formation services. These include assistance with the compilation of necessary paperwork, such as trust deed and trustee declaration documents, setting up bank accounts and undertaking on-going administration.

We can also offer the services of a notary officer, who can act as a named contact for your charitable corporation, and a valid postal registered address to which official communications can be addressed. When requests for information are made from government bodies or other authorised agencies, we also have the capacity to assist your organisation in preparing appropriate responses.

Advantages of our registered office address service: because we can not only offer a suitable legal address, but also process any paperwork that arrives for your organisation, we help ensure that all the tasks that come after charitable trust company set up are successfully completed. Particularly if you are away, busy or otherwise unavailable, if required we can work with you to ensure your enterprise continues to operate as it should and satisfy all the legal information requests that its charitable status requires.

A company constituted as a charitable trust enjoys significant tax benefits as well as a range of other advantages. If you need any support or assistance with setting up a suitable charitable corporation, we have the ability and experience to help.