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Private trust company formation from £489.49, simple private trust company registration in London!

The benefits of using us to incorporate a private trust company

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The benefits of using us to incorporate a private trust company: as one of the leading company formation agents around, Coddan Formations Agency has the expertise you need for private trust company incorporation, plus a range of additional services that make setting it up easy.

Our clients enjoy same-day private trust company incorporation, so there's no endless waiting around for your private trust company to be registered, possibly resulting in costly delays. What's more, there are no complex paper forms to fill out - in fact, there are no paper forms at all, because we have a simple online application process that's easy to understand. Our incorporation prices are among the most competitive you'll find anywhere, allowing you to make use of top-quality services that are highly affordable.

At the beginning of private trust company incorporation, we carry out all the necessary checks with the relevant authorities to ensure the application won't be rejected and you have to start all over again. This includes checking the official register to see if the proposed name for your private trust company is already in use or if it contains any prohibited words.

Our private trust company incorporation services include the provision of nominee officers for the new enterprise. Many of our clients choose this option because they would rather not use their own, for reasons of confidentiality, while others may not have the required number of personnel to propose. Our nominee officers won't have any actual dealings with your private trust corporation, or any control over it, and they can be changed at any time.

Another important consideration is a registered office address, which is a legal requirement. Again, it can be the case that clients don't wish to use their own or just don't have one that's suitable for the purpose, and this is where Coddan Formations Agency can help. We can provide a registered office address in a prestigious city location that will be used for administrative purposes only. It is where official mail will be sent from the authorities, for example, and we can also forward it on to wherever you are.

If you're thinking of setting up a private trust corporation, make sure you do it the right way – with Coddan Formations Agency.