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Create a Trust to Protect the Person of Significant Control

Why you should create a trust with us to protect the person of significant control

Trust Start-Up in the UK

Why you should create a trust with us to protect the person of significant control: at Coddan Formations Agency, we offer a comprehensive range of trust start up services, so no matter what kind of trust you want to set up, we can help guide you through the registration process. Setting up a trust in the way that provides the maximum protection for the person of significant control while also meeting all the proper legal requirements can seem unduly complex as well as time-consuming, but with our expert help, you can have the trust fully registered with Companies House and ready to operate within 24 hours, or even less.

The main function of a trust is that the assets are managed by the trustees on behalf of the beneficiary. This structure provides a flexible way of looking after assets for beneficiary owners who may not be capable of doing it themselves, as in the case of minors or dependants.

It is also an effective way of ensuring the family business remains under the control of the family, and can offset the risk of the beneficiary losing the assets in future through bankruptcy or in a divorce settlement, for instance.

A trust can also be structured in such a way as to provide income for a beneficiary, such as your partner or spouse, while the capital is retained for other beneficiaries, including children and grandchildren. Registering a trust will help manage your estate more efficiently, and reduce tax liabilities. In terms of registering the trust, the deed or documentation should make clear how the trust is to operate and what the purposes of the trust are.

At Coddan Formations Agency, we have many years of experience in helping business people and entrepreneurs to register their trust with Companies House in the United Kingdom.

Once you are clear about the type of trust you want to create, the entire process can be completed with our specially designed online forms. We make the process simple and efficient without cutting corners, so you are assured that everything is done properly and in the shortest time possible.

To find out more about out service, please speak to the Coddan Formations Agency team today or if you're ready to proceed, complete the online form and we'll take it from there.