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Asset Protection via an Off-Shore Trust in Belize

Setting-up a trust in Belize: here at Coddan Formations Agency, we can help you with any aspect of starting up a trust in Belize. There are a number of reasons it will benefit you to register an off-shore trust, so read on to find out more if you're considering going ahead. Our range of trusts setting-up services: our comprehensive list of services we provide includes a nominee administrator service, nominee trustee service, registered agent services, registered office services, management and administrative services, bookkeeping and accounting services, and apostille and notary legalisation services. Here at Coddan, we are happy to discuss any aspects of setting-up a trust in Belize, or an offshore company formation, and help you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how easy it is to start-up a trust in Belize - our expert consultants are on hand to discuss all your requirements.


Off-shore trust starts-up service in Belize




The first option of the trust start-up in Belize is the fastest process with online offshore trust start-up, and printed documents as well.

The following benefits are included into this setting-up of an offshore trust in Belize package:

    • The provision of a registered office address;
    • The provision of a local registered agent;
    • The top-notch bound copy of the trust deed.



This trust start-up in Belize package is especially for clients, who are requiring setting-up an offshore trust with a registered address, local agent & a nominee trustee; bank account upon request.

This trust set-up offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee trustee;
  • The signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee trustee;
  • Additional services are available.



This is one of the most popular trust start-up in Belize packages with offshore bank account, as an additional option to the nominee trustee & registered office address.

This offshore trust setting-up offer includes the following:

  • The provision of a nominee trustee;
  • The signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee trustee;
  • The offshore bank account.



This is our most comprehensive trust establishment in Belize package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp or apostille seal affixed.

This Belizean trust creation offer includes everything in the third option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents, including a power of attorney, by solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all trust' documents by an Apostille seal;
  • Additional services are available.


Benefits to setting up a trust in Belize, advantages to establish an offshore trust 

Start-up a trust in Belize: a relative newcomer in international financial services, Belize, an English-speaking country in Central America, has been diversifying its economy since gaining its independence from Britain in 1981. Its prominence in the business world began in earnest in 1990, when the Companies Act was passed.

A location with a history of stability: Belize is an increasingly popular location for off-shore companies registration. A major factor influencing this boom is its history of political stability and its continued stable government today. Excellent telecommunications and transport links: Belize is an ideal location, being English-speaking and boasting excellent telecommunications, services and transport links. It is also a thriving holiday destination, and has an international airport.

Establish a trust in Belize - settlor, beneficiaries and trustees can be of any nationality: should you wish to send out your current business staff to Belize to oversee the launch, you will legally be able to do so. Coddan Formations Agency can ease the transition of setting-up a trust, making you the owner of an established trust registered in Belize, with your existing representatives there from the outset.

Ease of handling your capital: if you set-up your trust in Belize, there is no minimum paid-up investment requirement. In addition, any investment you pay up can be in any currency. This makes it vastly more convenient for you. Pay zero tax on your income: the passing of the Trust Act enabled guarantees of confidentiality and many other specific privileges for trusts. A trust pays no tax on its income in Belize, operates without currency restrictions and is not required to appoint an in-country trustee.

Create an offshore trust in Belize Online, register a Belizean trust online

Register a Trust in Belize

Our expert team at Coddan Formations Agency can help you to start-up your trust in Belize, making sure that all the proper documents are provided and the correct procedure is followed. Under current law, to set-up an offshore trust, you need to produce a copy of the trust instrument, and pay a registration fee.

Only then can you enjoy the benefits of setting-up a trust, which include better protection of your assets, managing your estate and taxes more efficiently, and anonymity. Our experienced consultants have in-depth knowledge of the Belize jurisdiction and can take care of all the necessary paperwork to establish the trust on your behalf. Call us today for more information.

Setting up an offshore trust within a few days!

Setting Up an Off-Shore Trust in Belize

When setting up an offshore trust, Belize is often a popular location since the process of establishing the trust is relatively straightforward. Belize is situated in Central America and the language spoken there is English. In fact, it only became independent from the UK in 1981.

Why create a trust in Belize?

The conditions for both tax planning and asset protection in Belize are favourable in comparison to other countries. The law in relation to trusts is modern and supports financial services internationally. This is because it has only relatively recently become involved in this sector.

In Belize you can create a trust that will both secure your own wealth and provide financial security for your family in the future. Additionally, you don’t need a minimum amount to set up a trust in Belize and there is no allowance for people to claim inheritance tax from property held in trust in Belize.

Requirements for the establishment of a trust: a trust can only be effective in Belize if there is a trustee, beneficiary, settlor and protector. If the trust is in favour of a charity, there needs to be at least four trustees. In any other trust, there only needs to be one trustee.

Roles of the parties: a trustee always need to be an adult who has full capacity. They are responsible for the administration of the trust on behalf of the beneficiaries. The Role of the settlor is in the creation of the trust and the transfer of assets into it. The protector is responsible for monitoring the trust, ensuring that the trustees comply with the deed of trust and manage it satisfactorily.

Other legal requirements: according to the law of the country, every trust that is governed under the law of Belize needs to have an agent who lives in Belize. The information required is relatively limited, which is one of the reasons why so many people set up a trust there.

The trust name, date the trust is settled and the names of both the trustee and the trust agent need to be disclosed to the Belize registry of trusts. Any other information only needs to be given to the agent and does not need to be made public.