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Why Setting Up an Offshore Trust in Belize?

Why to register an offshore trust in Belize?

Start-Up an Offshore Trust in Belize

Why to register an offshore trust in Belize? If you're considering setting up an offshore trust and wondering where to register it, Belize has much to offer and with expert help from the experienced team at Coddan Formations Agency, you can have all the documentation completed in a matter of days. Once that’s in place, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of registering your offshore trust in this part of the world.

Protect your assets: asset protection and effective tax and estate planning are two key advantages of having your trust registered in Belize.

Thanks to the modern trust law in this jurisdiction, your assets will be protected from any potential future claims from creditors, as well as any court orders made against your assets through bankruptcy action, or as a result of divorce proceedings.

The tax benefits from registering your trust in Belize include exemptions from business and income tax, and also inheritance, gift and succession tax. Furthermore, all transactions carried out by a trustee on behalf of the registered trust will also be exempt from paying stamp duty.

Anonymity and longevity: anonymity is another reason that many choose to register their offshore trust in Belize.

Once an application is made to the Register, the proper documents are lodged and signed off, and the relevant fee is paid, information about the trust is fully protected. The only way an outside party can view any details about the trust is if they have the clear, written consent of the trustee.

Under Belize jurisdiction, the trust can be set up for a maximum period of 120 years, which means you can effectively secure your assets and wealth for the long term, and also provide for your dependents.

There is no minimum amount of capital required to set-up a trust in Belize, and foreign ownership is welcomed. Other benefits of registering your trust here mean you can transfer assets and estate without tax implications, and also avoid forced heirship.

Expert help: with many years of experience in this area, the team at Coddan Formations Agency can guide you through the process of registering your trust in Belize. The whole process can be completed in a short time and you could be up and running sooner than you think. To find out more, please contact us today.