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Trust Start-Up in Seychelles Service, Setting-Up a Trust in Seychelles Online from £1,900 Only!

Start-up a trust in the Seychelles: by registering a trust in the Seychelles, you can benefit from a number of financial advantages, including financial privacy and tax minimisation. It's easy to establish a trust in the Seychelles. Through Coddan, you can receive detailed information on selecting and setting-up the correct legal offshore structure for your business. Registering a trust in the Seychelles is renowned for being a very simple process that doesn't threaten confidentiality. In order to do it, you must file a declaration with the Registry by the trustee to confirm three things: firstly, that the settlor is not resident in the Seychelles; secondly, any property outlined in the assets is not situated in the Seychelles; and finally, the name and date of the trust.
Establish a trust in Seychelles: Coddan can also provide legal hints and advice on how to create and run your offshore trust in Seychelles on a day-to-day basis. We can assist you and bring your idea of establishing an offshore trust to fruition, providing a high standard of support and leaving no stone unturned - we can even offer you a new company formation including the registration of your offshore trust online, directly from the ground up.

Trust Registration in Seychelles


  • Free trust starting-up email support
  • Free professional advice via the phone
  • Free face-to face consultation at our office
Trust Start-Up in Seychelles


  • Starting a new trust in Seychelles
  • Pre setting-up support
  • Post start-up support & advice
Our Seychelles Trust Start-Up Packages



The first option of the trust start-up in Seychelles is the fastest process with online offshore trust starting-up, and printed documents as well.

The following benefits are included into this set-up of a offshore trust in Seychelles package:

    • The provision of a registered office address in Seychelles;
    • The provision of a local registered agent in Seychelles;
    • The top-notch bound copy of the trust deed.



This trust establishment in Seychelles package is especially for clients, who are requiring setting-up an offshore trust with a registered address, local agent & a nominee trustee; bank account upon request.

This Seychelles trust start-up offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee trustee;
  • The signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee trustee;
  • Additional services are available.



This is one of the most popular trust establishments in Seychelles packages with offshore bank account, as an additional option to the nominee trustee & registered office address in Seychelles.

This Seychelles trust start-up offer includes the following:

  • The provision of a nominee trustee;
  • The signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee trustee;
  • The offshore bank account.



This is our most comprehensive trust set-up in Seychelles package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the Apostilled stamp or Apostille seal affixed.

This Seychelles trust establishment offer includes everything in the third option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents, including a power of attorney, by solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all trust' documents by an Apostille seal;
  • Additional services are available.

Benefits to Setting Up a Trust in Seychelles, Advantages to Establish a Trust in Seychelles

Starting-up a trust in Seychelles: thorough planning and preparation when it comes to registration is vital, and a strong structure to your offshore trust is important if your desired results are to be achieved. It is Coddan’s role to assist in systematically reviewing the options available at the start of the process, so you're fully in the picture as to how your trust works and how you stand to profit.

Set-up a trust in Seychelles: it is easy to establish a trust in the Seychelles. The trustee must file a brief declaration, swearing that the settlor is not a resident of the Seychelles and that the trust property is not inclusive of any land in the Seychelles. The name and date of the trust must also be given, as well as a one-off payment to the registry.

There are several benefits to registering a trust in the Seychelles. Firstly, there's no limit on how much income can be accumulated through the trust. In addition, the trust pays no taxes in the Seychelles on the money it makes elsewhere.

Privacy is also of the essence; the settlor and beneficiaries do not have to be named in the trust deed, and, in the case of financial hardship on the part of the settlor, the trust is protected in numerous ways.

As well as helping you establish your offshore trust in the Seychelles, Coddan can aid with the formation of Seychelles private foundations and companies in Seychelles. Register your offshore trust with us today, and benefit from the experienced, professional help of our team of advisers.

Establish a Trust in Seychelles Online, Creating a Trust in Seychelles Online

Establish a Trust in Seychelles

Establish a trust in the Seychelles: the Seychelles has become one of the world's most popular jurisdictions in which to establish a trust with individuals who want to fully protect their assets and manage their estate more efficiently. The Seychelles do all they can to provide a well regulated and stable jurisdiction, but it is important to ensure that your trust is properly registered before you can enjoy all the benefits going forward.

This is where the experienced team at Coddan can help. We understand how things work in the Seychelles and have helped many individuals to establish their trust here. To find out more about our fast and efficient service, please contact one of our consultants today.

Incorporate a Trust: Setting Up an Offshore Trust in the Seychelles

Create a Trust in Seychelles

There are many benefits to setting up an offshore trust in the Seychelles, including tax advantages, financial privacy and flexibility of operation. Therefore, it’s no surprise that we regularly receive enquiries from clients wanting to know how we can help them get their offshore trust up and running.

Coddan boasts many years of experience in assisting clients with business start-ups overseas. Our unmatched knowledge in the setting-up of offshore trusts' structures has made it possible for us to provide clients with a professional, efficient and fast service.

Should you be interested in registering an offshore trust in the Seychelles, we are more than equipped to help.

Initially, we will sit you down for a no-obligation consultation, during which one of our consultants will clearly explain the legal requirements for establishing an offshore trust in the Seychelles, and the measures you may have to take to fulfil these obligations.

After this consultation, should you wish to proceed, Coddan can help you with the intricacies of registration, including the submission of the oral declaration or will, the declaration of trust and acting as the required company licensed under the International Corporate Service Providers Act to provide international trustee services.

Once Coddan has helped you successfully establish your offshore trust in the Seychelles, we don’t just leave you to navigate the often-choppy waters of finance alone. We’ll still be there to give you any advice you need. After all, we both have the same interests in mind – namely the successful development and growth of your trust fund.

For more information about how we can help you set up an offshore trust in the Seychelles, and to declare your interest, please send an email to consultations@ukincorp.co.uk, with the subject: "Seychelles Trust Creation".

Why Register an Offshore Trust in the Seychelles?

Set-Up a Trust in Seychelles

Registering an offshore trust in the Seychelles has many benefits. Its exemption from all forms of tax, combined with the confidentiality and asset protection agreements that don't apply with other offshore trusts, makes registering an offshore trust in this area very appealing.

The laws relating to the International Trusts Act of 1994 were amended in 2011 by the Seychelles government. They studied the laws of the best trust jurisdictions in the world, taking features from their legislation and modifying them to allow for more flexibility within Seychelles international trusts.

This especially emphasised the protection of trust assets, exempting them from invalidation from foreign laws relating to forced heirship, including any where foreign jurisdictions do not recognise trusts. Furthermore, the trust is protected in the event of the settlor's bankruptcy, liquidation of their property or if legal action is taken against them by their creditors.

One of the main benefits of registering an offshore trust in the Seychelles is tax minimisation. Seychelles international trusts and their associated properties are immune to all forms of tax, including income and business tax, if all income from the trust is sourced from outside of the Seychelles. Furthermore, transactions carried out by the trustees for the trust are not required to pay stamp duty.

Confidentiality is another key benefit of this type of trust. Where details of business ownership cannot be made public, assets can be held by a trust because trust assets do not qualify as the settlor's property. Additionally, no legal requirements are in force declaring that the trust deed or the beneficiary settlor must be filed with the registry, apart from any beneficiaries who reside in the Seychelles.

Coddan's team of experts can discuss registering an offshore trust in the Seychelles with you in more detail. Contact us today for more information.

Seychelles Trusts Start-Up vs Other Offshore Jurisdictions

Start-Up a Trust in Seychelles

Here at Coddan, we can provide professional guidance and advice to help you establish a trust in a variety of offshore locations. One such place is the Seychelles, which is a popular option for many of our clients, given the relative ease of registering a trust in the small African nation.A trust in the Seychelles has few requirements; indeed, one can be created simply through a trustee’s declaration that the settlor resides outside of the Seychelles and no Seychelles property is included in the trust. A small fee is also payable. At least one trustee must reside in the Seychelles; however, an international business company could fulfil this role.

In addition to the Seychelles, Coddan can also help set up trusts in several other overseas jurisdictions, including the following: -

Trusts in Belize: Belize recently amended its trust legislation, and now requires all offshore trusts to be fully registered. However, limited information (name, date, name of trustee etc.) is required and you don't have to provide the Registry with a copy of the deed.

Trusts in British Virgin Islands (BVI): as opposed to the Seychelles, a trust in the BVI does not have to be registered. Purpose trusts aside, trustees do not have to be resident in the BVI.

Trusts in Gibraltar: trusts and trustees are not publicly registered, and in the vast majority of trusts, assets are totally confidential. As with the other jurisdictions, Gibraltar trust incomes are exempt from tax.

Trusts in Hong Kong: again, in Hong Kong, trusts are exempt from tax and there is no requirement for registration. In addition, it is not necessary to submit financial audits or tax returns. However, a Hong Kong trust is subject to a limited number of double taxation agreements.

Coddan can offer advice on establishing an offshore trust in the Seychelles, or anywhere else for that matter and can help you start up a trust in a certain jurisdiction. To enquire, please send an e-mail to consultations@ukincorp.co.uk, with the subject line "[name of jurisdiction] Trust Creation".

The Legal Requirements of Registering an Offshore Trust in the Seychelles

Creating a Trust in Seychelles

All offshore trusts registered in the Seychelles are subject to the Seychelles International Trusts Act, which was introduced in 1994 and amended in 2011. The Act outlines the legal requirements of registering a trust in the Seychelles, which is a formal requirement; unlike in other popular offshore trust jurisdictions, such as the British Virgin Islands and Gibraltar.

First of all, in order to establish an offshore trust in the Seychelles, an oral declaration or will must be made. This, however, only becomes enforceable through a declaration of trust, made by an international trust resident trustee.

In this declaration, the trustee must swear that the settlor abides by several of the Seychelles International Trusts Act’s legal requirements; namely, that the settlor does not reside in the Seychelles, the trust’s property does not include any immovable property of the Seychelles and that the trust is an international trust.

The declaration is not allowed to carry the name of the settlor or any of the beneficiaries of the trust fund – the only scenario where names are required is if the relevant persons are Seychelles nationals or residents.

The trustee must provide clear, truthful information when registering an offshore trust fund in the Seychelles. Should it later be found that they have lied or given misleading information in their statement of declaration, they could face a heavy fine and up to ten years’ imprisonment.

An offshore trust fund in the Seychelles requires one settlor (who can also be a beneficiary, but not the sole beneficiary), at least one corporate or two individual trustees and at least one beneficiary, other than the settlor.

At all times, at least one trustee is required to be a company licensed to provide international trustee services under the International Corporate Service Providers Act. However, Coddan fulfils this role and can provide further help and guidance in regards to registration – and even a full service – if required.

Provision of Trustees Upon the Establishment of a Trust in the Seychelles

Registering a Trust in Seychelles

A settlor of a trust legally gives their assets to the trustees, who follow the settlor's instructions about the terms and conditions relating to the beneficiaries. A trustee can be an individual, a group of people or a legal entity, and once put in the position of trustee, has full legal control over the trust's assets.

In some instances, the settlor is able to manage trustees by appointing or relinquishing them from the responsibility of their assets. A settlor cannot be a sole trustee and beneficiary at the same time, and at least one trustee must be residing in the Seychelles throughout the duration of the trust.

It is the responsibility of the trustees to ensure the terms of the trust deed are executed, while maintaining the best interests of the beneficiaries throughout. They are legally obliged to make sure the trust benefits the beneficiaries under the agreed terms.

By law, they must always act diligently and in the way they deem best when exercising care over the assets. Although full control of the assets resides with them, they are legally forbidden from using the assets to benefit themselves.

Trustees must also be licensed by the Commission prior to becoming involved with any international financial arrangement. They are strictly regulated and need to meet demanding professional licensing laws. Staff across all of the international financial services industries must act with integrity, and demonstrate this to the Seychelles regulatory bodies at all times.

At Coddan, we understand everything there is to know about registering an offshore account in the Seychelles, including the provision of trustees. Contact Coddan today for more information, and we can advise you every step of the way.

Offshore Trust Post-Registration Service in the Seychelles

Setting-Up a Trust in Seychelles

Registering a trust in the Seychelles is renowned for being a very simple process that doesn't threaten confidentiality. In order to do it, you must file a declaration with the Registry by the trustee to confirm three things: firstly, that the settlor is not resident in the Seychelles; secondly, any property outlined in the assets is not situated in the Seychelles; and finally, the name and date of the trust.

You then need to make the annual payment to the registrar. As long as everything appears to be in order, and the declaration has been filed in the correct way and signed, a certificate of registration of the Seychelles international trust will be issued.

Although the set up process is remarkably simple, you need to consider what will happen afterwards. All aspects of the international financial services are subject to strict regulation, including settlors and trustees, to ensure everything relating to the trust is being maintained in the best interest of the beneficiaries, while adhering to the International Trusts Act.

Making sure your offshore trust is meeting all of the practices and laws that it should can often be a challenging task, especially because you will not always be readily available.

Coddan can help you to ensure your Seychelles international trust is maintained effectively after registration. Our offshore trust post-registration service will enable you to have peace of mind that the assets in your trust are fully protected, and all of your wishes are met regarding your beneficiaries. We make sure that everything to do with your Seychelles international trust remains as it should be, and we are always available to advise you.

At Coddan, we are experts in forming offshore trusts and can guide you through every part of the process. Don't hesitate to get in touch today to find out more information about how we could help you.

Annual Legal Requirements of Maintaining a Trust in the Seychelles

Incorporate a Trust in Seychelles

In 1994 the Seychelles International Trusts Act was introduced, with amendments made in 2011 to allow greater flexibility over Seychelles international trusts. They must adhere to the laws and practices outlined in the Act, and there are certain requirements a trust in the Seychelles must meet throughout its duration that differentiate it from other types of international trust. Firstly, a trust must be registered so that it can be enforceable in a court of law.

The settlor can't reside in the Seychelles or have immovable property there, because the Act only accounts for international trusts. Even temporary residency or residency throughout certain times of the year is not permitted. This must be true at all times throughout the life of the trust.

Any beneficiaries who live in the Seychelles need to be disclosed to the Seychelles International Business Authority. Also, the settlor can be named as a beneficiary, but they must not be the sole one. This also applies when a trust has multiple settlors.

Assets within a Seychelles trust must either be shares in international business companies (IBCs) or cash in bank accounts within the Seychelles. Property from anywhere in the world may also be featured as trust property, yet any from the Seychelles is exempt.

A minimum of two trustees must be assigned to a Seychelles international trust. However, this doesn't apply when the trust is administered by a licensed Seychelles Corporate Trustee who lives in the Seychelles.

Additionally, the settlor must outline in the deed or otherwise imply that they have chosen the law governing the international trust to be the proper law of their trust under the International Trusts Act. The Act also says that the trust must be valid according to the laws that will govern it.

The conditions outlined above must always be adhered to in order to maintain a trust in the Seychelles. Speak to Coddan now to find out more information. Our expert team are able to advise you on all matters relating to international trusts.