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Establish a Trust in Nevis Service, Setting-Up a Trust in Nevis Online from £1,900 Only!

Setting up a trust in Nevis: when setting up a trust, you will of course be looking for the best protection, privacy and benefits on offer for your assets. This is where the island of Nevis comes in, which many believe is the world's top asset protection jurisdiction. So out of all the possible countries located in the Caribbean region, why Nevis? In basic terms, it offers highly protective legislation for trusts, and also provides great compliance and adaptability in financial tax planning.
A Nevis trust is perfect for securing the future of your children and your children's children. That's because Nevis has removed any kind of rule restricting the duration of its trusts. Setting up a trust in Nevis would mean that any judgements against this that have been made outside of the island's jurisdiction are not automatically enforced.
Finally, in the improbable circumstance that a transfer of money into a Nevis trust is ever found to be fraudulent, no exemplary damages can be claimed by a creditor - only actual damages. Also, if there is someone who wishes to recover any assets from this trust, they must post a bond of 100,000 East Caribbean dollars - roughly £25,500. If you'd like assistance with setting up a trust in Nevis, contact the trusts and company formation experts here at Coddan today.

Trust Registration in Nevis


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Trust Start-Up in Nevis


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Our Nevis Trust Setting-Up Packages



The first option of the trust establishment in Nevis is the fastest process with online offshore trust start-up, and printed documents as well.

The following benefits are included into this setting-up of an offshore trust in Nevis package:

    • The provision of a registered office address in Nevis;
    • The provision of a local registered agent in Nevis;
    • The top-notch bound copy of the trust deed.



This trust start-up in Nevis package is especially for clients, who are requiring setting-up an offshore trust with a registered address, local agent & a nominee trustee; bank account upon request.

This Nevis trust establishment offer includes everything in the first option, together with the advantages of:

  • The provision of a nominee trustee;
  • The signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee trustee;
  • Additional services are available.



This is one of the most popular trust registration in Nevis packages with offshore bank account, as an additional option to the nominee trustee & registered office address in Belize.

This Nevis trust setting-up offer includes the following:

  • The provision of a nominee trustee;
  • The signed trust declaration;
  • The signed letter from a nominee trustee;
  • The offshore bank account.



This is our most comprehensive trust establishment in Nevis package with all documents verified by solicitor or notary public & certified by the apostilled stamp or apostille seal affixed.

This Nevis trust set-up offer includes everything in the third option, plus:

  • The certification of all corporate documents, including a power of attorney, by solicitor or notary public & the final verification of all trust' documents by an apostille seal;
  • Additional services are available.

Benefits to Setting Up a Trust in Nevis, Advantages to Establish a Trust in Nevis

Setting up a trust in the idyllic Caribbean location of Nevis can be advantageous for the purpose of asset management. International tax planning is also made a lot more flexible, thanks to the legislation in place on the island, which is one part of the St Kitts and Nevis nation. At Coddan, we specialise not only in offering an expert understanding of the considerations when establishing a trust in Nevis, but also in guiding clients through the process.

Among the plus points of registering a company in Nevis is the charging order protection enjoyed by its trusts and LLCs. This means creditors can not force a trust to cease operations or take away an ownership interest in it. Assets can only be recovered from a Nevis-based trust by posting a cash bond with the court, which currently stands at $100,000 in Eastern Caribbean currency.

In the unlikely scenario that your transfer of property or money to a Nevis trust is found by the courts to be fraudulent, only actual damages suffered by a creditor will be enforced, rather than punitive damages. Ultimately, registering your trust in Nevis allows you to set up a dynasty that can continue for generations, with no limits on the duration of a trust. The country provides unsurpassed asset protection and we advise you to contact us today for more information.

Establish a Trust in Nevis Online, Register a Nevisean Trust Online

Register a Trust in Nevis

Register a trust in Nevis: looking to make the most of your assets? Why not allow Coddan to guide you through the process of setting up a trust in Nevis? A trust in Nevis can be set up to benefit a person, a charitable or non-charitable purpose and can help you to protect your assets - and it needn't be difficult to organise, either. Coddan provides a range of trust incorporation packages which can see your trust up and running within 48 hours. Don't delay - choose Coddan for reliable profit protection structures in order to make the most of your business.

Our formation services are comprehensive and our prices are unbeatable - contact us today to take your first steps towards forming a Nevis trust.

Setting Up an Offshore Trust in Nevis

Setting Up an Off-Shore Trust in Nevis

Whether you are interested in transferring assets to your family or concerned about paying excessive inheritance tax, one of the most effective ways to manage your wealth is by setting up an offshore trust.

An offshore trust enables you to transfer assets to a beneficiary without having to pay unnecessary tax or deal with burdensome bureaucracy. It can also help you to protect the value of your assets if you're having legal, financial or business difficulties.

There are a number of jurisdictions around the world that provide the opportunity to set up an offshore trust and one of the most popular is the small Caribbean island of Nevis, part of the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.

Once it is set up, a Nevis offshore trust can exist for 120 years, and requires only an annual renewal. It can be set up to benefit an individual or for any charitable or non-charitable purpose, and the trust can hold any property, in the form of stocks, land, money, buildings or other assets, with no restrictions, other than that these assets should not be situated on the island.

If you are thinking about creating an offshore trust in Nevis, but you aren't sure how to proceed, it’s a good idea to speak to the experts. At Coddan Ltd, we can offer impartial, effective advice on how an offshore trust can help you to manage or transfer your assets, and our speedy, reliable service can guarantee that the process of setting it up is quick and hassle-free. Get in touch today and see how Coddan Ltd can help you maximise your assets with a Nevis-based overseas trust.

Why Register an Offshore Trust in Nevis?

Start-Up an Offshore Trust in Nevis

If you're thinking about creating an offshore trust, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the variety of ways to do so and even where to form one. One popular location is Nevis, so the question is, why would you register an offshore trust there?

To begin with, it’s important to know some basics about the formation of a trust; for example, there are four main types of trust - including common, unit, protective and charitable trusts. If the trust is for a loved one who is too young to properly handle finances or a spendthrift, a protective trust may be what you need.

However, that would be of no use to you if the location in which it was held was somehow unstable. For this reason, Nevis is an ideal place to create a trust as it is a democracy operated by a parliament which is often ranked as one of the freest places to live in the world. Furthermore, due to Nevis’ tax laws, any income which is earned abroad (for example, in the United Kingdom) is not taxed in Nevis.

Some conditions of creating a trust in Nevis do apply, however; for example, no land in St Kitts or Nevis must be included in the trust's property. In addition to this, beneficiaries of the trust must remain non-residents of the island while the trust exists.

All in all, creating a trust in Nevis can be a wise and incredibly safe way to manage and protect your assets. At Coddan, we have a team of experienced and friendly experts who can help guide you in the right direction at every step of registering your offshore trust in Nevis. Why not get in touch with us today?

Start-Up Trusts in Nevis Versus Other Offshore Jurisdictions

Establish a Trust in Nevis

Offshore financial services in Nevis are big business, with legislation passed to allow the incorporation of trust fund companies and asset management services. This makes Nevis an ideal place to consider your own start-up trust.

Setting up a business or personal trust fund can be a complicated process, but one that is highly recommended if you want to protect your assets for later in life or for future generations of your family. A legal and financial specialist here at Coddan can advise you on trust start-ups and help you to manage your assets properly. Understanding the process and the requirements of trusts will help to ensure you do not run into any difficulties later down the line.

Nevis is just one of a number of nations where local legislation permits the setting up of offshore trusts by foreign businesses or individuals. Nevis was once blacklisted as an alleged tax haven, but it has been removed from the register and now trades freely.

Many other jurisdictions remain tied by economic trade restrictions, making Nevis an attractive prospect for trust fund investors. Finances, assets and businesses can all be held in trust, free from high taxes and protected over as many years as you require. This makes Nevis one of the most desirable places to incorporate your trust fund.

For more information on start-up trusts in Nevis and why this island nation is a great place to consider a trust fund incorporation, give Coddan a call and speak to our experts. We have years of experience in providing financial guidance and support to those seeking to make a personal or corporate investment through a trusted and reliable offshore facility.

The Legal Requirements of Registering an Offshore Trust in Nevis

Registering a Trust in Nevis

Forming a trust in Nevis is a practical and safe way to protect and store assets in a variety of ways that may suit an individual or charity. It is not, however, always an easy and straightforward process. You can avoid certain complexities in the registration of an offshore trust in Nevis by being aware of some of the legal requirements that are in place.

To begin with, both beneficiary and creator (settlor) must be non-residents of Nevis, and no land in Nevis must be included in the property or assets of the trust. Once registration of the offshore trust in Nevis is complete, it must be renewed annually.

When registering the trust, the legal requirements are relatively straightforward. For example, you need to register the trust's name, the registered address of the trust's office and the name of the trustee. The trust must have a trustee that is a registered Nevis offshore company or a trust licensed company.

Further complexities include issues around proper law, as this can be the law of Nevis or a different jurisdiction - this depends on certain factors and must be clear in the terms of the trust. A bond requirement is also in place when action commences against the property of the trust, this amount is $25,000.

If you're still unsure or wish to have a more comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements of registering an offshore trust in Nevis, here at Coddan our team of experts can help you through every stage of the complex process. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Offshore Trust Post-Registration Service in Nevis

Incorporating a Trust in Nevis

If you are considering setting up an offshore trust in Nevis or a similar tax-reduced jurisdiction, you will want to know how complicated the process will be for you. The good news is that trust formation in Nevis is a simple and straightforward process, and one which can be managed by your financial and legal representatives at Coddan to save you the hassle.

Setting up an offshore trust is a great way to protect assets and finances for the future. Whether you want to secure a comfortable retirement, separate your funds during marriage or save for your children and grandchildren, offshore trusts are a top choice among savvy investors. Nevis is growing in popularity as a location for trust formation.

Nations such as Nevis have legislation which allows offshore parties to form companies, foundations and trusts in which funds can be held. Those interests must be legitimately managed by local directors and are subject to certain rules and restrictions, so it can really pay off to bring in a representative to assist with your trust registration.

Once the trust is established, it will need to be held by nominated parties who can be arranged as part of your post-registration service. These services can also keep your accounts up to date, ensure annual registration is completed and maintain a physical address and contact for the trust.

If you want to know more about how Coddan can help with offshore trust post-registration services in Nevis, contact us today and arrange your consultation. We have years of experience in managing offshore trusts and we can advise you on all aspects of offshore trust management.

Annual Legal Requirements of Maintaining a Trust in Nevis

Forming a Trust in Nevis

An offshore trust is one of the best ways to manage your assets, and an increasingly popular option for many people concerned about the excessive taxation and unnecessarily burdensome bureaucracy that often goes with asset transfer.

Setting up an offshore trust gives you the flexibility to transfer assets much more easily, and it is also a useful tool to use to protect the value of assets, should you encounter legal, business or financial problems.

One of the best jurisdictions for setting up an offshore trust is the Caribbean island of Nevis, part of the independent Federation of St Kitts and Nevis. A Nevis offshore trust can be set up for any charitable or non-charitable purpose, or for any beneficiary, and is allowed to hold assets in the form of stocks, money, or land, without limit.

Setting up a Nevis-based offshore trust does entail certain annual obligations, the most important of which involves the Certificate of Registration. These are issued at the formation of the trust, but are only valid for one year so have to be renewed annually. Trustees must also ensure that annual accounts are prepared and maintained, although these do not need to be audited.

If you are considering forming an offshore trust in Nevis, but you aren’t clear about the obligations or legal duties associated with it, why not speak to the professionals?

Coddan Ltd offers impartial guidance and advice across the full range of corporate services and our expertise can help to guide you through the process of setting up a Nevis offshore trust. Get in touch today and see how we can help you maximise your assets with offshore trust formation in Nevis.