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Pros and Cons of an LTD Company Set-Up with Companies House

Pros and cons of an LTD company set-up with Companies House

Register a Limited Company in UK

Pros and cons of an LTD company set-up with Companies House: in this tricky climate, it is more essential than ever that your LTD private company registration is in the right hands. With entrepreneurism on the rise, there are so many new companies and businesses competing with each other all over the world. Risk has to be handled, and pros have to be weighed up against the cons - especially when you want to open an LTD company.

It's simplicity itself. Companies House will usually set up your organisation within 24 hours - and the online forms are quick and easy to fill in. Companies House will deal with the applications to register, checking the names available and taken, as well as making sure that the business name is not offensive or relating to sensitive material.

Incorporating with Companies House does not give trademark protection - instead, this is the work of the IPO (Intelligence Property Office) If you simply register a name for a company, it does not reserve it (unless it is a fully incorporated company). The team at Coddan can safeguard your company's name. This gives you time to prepare - our team will stand in as director and shareholder - until you feel happy to release it and/or start trading.

We also provide many options to suit you and your financial needs. When you are forming an LTD company with Companies House you need to adopt the standard model of the memorandum and articles which includes some mistakes, with us - we will open an LTD company with our own set of the memorandum and articles of association and a set of required registers.

Companies House provides customers with great online resources on how to manage their company, as well as legal documents.

You can get bogged down in regulations and information. There's no shame in doing your homework, but it's never a bad thing to ask for help - this lesson from our school days is still as important today! Coddan can offer you specialised companies start-up and post-formation advice as well as helping you to avoid fines from Companies House due to late filing.

In short, Companies House can provide you with a quick system - but it can be very easy to get lost in the sea of admin and costs. This is where we at Coddan come in, to guide you through. Opening an LTD private company is just the opening chapter to the story of your success!